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LYNAS - auf dem Weg zu einem Rohstoffproduzent von Hightech-Rohstoffen (Seite 3651)

Mal wieder Beitrag aus HC:

Okay Guys, always very important to keep an eye on what is going on around us and not just focus on Lynas all the time.

As you guy are already informed or aware, China has slowly started making its move of buying deposits around Australia.

Conglin Yue has increase his stake in NTU Northern Minerals to 19% just below the threshold for a takeover.

Keep an eye out for for other Rare Earth companies like PEK as I believe China may make a grab for it also.


Now China has it eye on another Heavy REE explorer TUC resources. As stated in the article:

"Sydney analyst Haris Khaliqi of Foster Stockbroking has put a “speculative buy” recommendation on heavy rare earths explorer TUC Resources (ASX:TUC) after it signed a financing deal with Shandong Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources. The Chinese company will, in several stages, take new shares worth A$19 million to give it an eventual 50% stake in the rare earths joint venture covering eight tenements in Australia’s Northern Territory. The first stage will involve a A$4 million injection to take Shandong to 15%.

There are two main points here. One, it signals another move by China to locate heavy rare earths abroad as the country faces shortages in the future; better to mine them overseas yourself (or with a joint venture partner) than have to go cap-in-hand as a buyer in a seller’s market. Two, as Khaliqi points out, “importantly TUC has aligned themselves with a partner who has access to specialised knowledge of HREE clay deposits and processing technologies, which to date have been confined to China”.

Do not be fooled, all they are doing is taking advantage of those shareholders and buying up resources when they are cheap. They give the shareholder the impression that they are doing them a great favour offering great premium when really they are buying valuable assets for peanuts.

Seeing what CHina is doing gives me confidence in the long term future of REEs/Lynas especially Lynas' Duncan deposit, a rich deposit with Heavy REEs.

The People that come in here and say look REEs prices is so low, REE is crap whatever. I don't follow their advice, talk is cheap and its so easy to sit behind the computer and bag the company. I don't follow random stranger's advice, I follow what China does and if China want REEs so do I. Don't be mislead and give up your shares. I will holding onto them tight and no advice what you should do with your shares.

Good Night.

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schöne Allegorie-auch zum Thema res publica und Sozialismus.

Lauter Bürokraten treiben einen Werktätigen an-und bezahlen soll er die Leute auch noch


Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 44.043.146 von doppio am 20.01.13 23:45:26Ist der Zeitplan von N.C. nicht ein bißchen hinter dem was bisher erwartet wurde? Vor allem was den first Cash Flow angeht?
Die Feinheit liegt auf dem nächsten Firmenkalenderjahr. N.C. sagte bis Ende Juni 2013 (aktuelles Geschäftsjahr) wird kein Cash Flow erwartet.
Hier ein Hotcopper Beitrag:

News: Lynas looks to lock in cash flow FY14 (Jimdotcom)
I saw it as a bit of a nothing interview actually.
A bit of PR which can't hurt.
However cash flow positive after July 1 2013, to me was negative news. In the past the indication was that this would be around Easter/April, so a slight delay as I see it.
The other side of the cash flow story is the statement that "our projection would say that the financial year 2013/14 will be one of strong cash flow for us." The operative word being "strong".
Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but the delay in obtaining cash flow will no doubt ensure the volatility continues.
Thema cashflow:
die Diskussion hatten wir doch schon mal.:eek:
Wenn nach monatelangem ramp-up das erste verkaufsfähige Produkt 'rauskommt, muss es geprüft und verschickt werden, der Kunde wird die Erstlieferung selbst nochmal eingehend prüfen und erst bei positiven Resultaten wird eine unzweifelhafte Forderung bestehen.

Wann dann Geld fließt, ist nochmal 'ne andere Frage, aber jeder kann sich ausrechnen, wie lange allein der Weg zu einer gesicherten Forderung in den Büchern ist. Und das nur für eine marginale Menge.

Vor dem 1. Juli an massiven cashflow auch nur zu denken, wäre noch unseriöser, als alles, was wir bisher gewohnt waren.;)
Also ruhig Blut!:cool:
Zitat von LUBI54Moin

schöne Allegorie-auch zum Thema res publica und Sozialismus.

Lauter Bürokraten treiben einen Werktätigen an-und bezahlen soll er die Leute auch noch



Ist zwar off topic, aber das braucht doch eine Antwort.
In dem Sozialismus, den ich kennengelernt habe, da war der im Loch der unterbezahlte Schichtingenieur und die drumrum die überbezahlten Proletarier, möglichst noch mit nem Bier in der Hand und einem blöden Spruch auf den Lippen. :cool:

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