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Zitat von ooyLangweilig? Was ist denn mit dir passiert, sitzt der Frust mittlerweile so tief?

Mensch ooy,

Du schnallst es nicht, oder?


09.02.2012: Beitrag: 17869

Zitat von PompeianusVon der AXI-Homepage:

The Northern Miner reports on the Tuktu Iron Project in its February 6th issue:

Advancing a second key iron ore asset in Nunavut: Tuktu
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Ich bin so froh das die Börsen heute geschlossen sind,dann bekommt Axi nicht wie jeden Tag eins auf den Deckel.Wenigstens heute kein Minus,aber die restlichen 4 Tage in dieser neuen Woche.Wenn der Kurs nur 5 Wochen da wo er ist, stehen bleibt ist das schon super bzw.schon ein Fortschritt.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 42.778.680 von Manster am 20.02.12 18:41:54Überall dieselben Diskussionen, wie hier beispielhaft aus stockhouse zwischen behr und venman (erlaube ich mir mal jetzt hier rein zu stellen).

behrhunter posted:

"The fact is, I am focused on the sp. It is really what it is all about, is it not? All this other gobbleygook talk,and psuedo analysis is very seldom correlated to the share price"


What are you talking about?

You should never focus on the stock price being too high or too low and always focus on the merits of the story. When Microsoft as a penny stock comes out with a story about a software program that will revolutionize the way computers operate, the focus as a Speculator should always be in the merits of the story. If you focused on the stock price and say look this Microsoft penny stock is trading at 300 times its future earnings and its way over valued, you would have missed out on a huge opportunity. The same goes with a Wal-Mart penny stock that comes out with a promising story and the stock price tanks more than 70% in its first year. If you focused on the stock price seeing it down more than 70% in its first year and not the merits of the story you would have missed out on a huge opportunity. Both these companies went on to become DOW 30 stocks. This concept of looking at the merits of a good story holds true from on-line shopping, to mining in the north penny stocks. Please don’t you or anyone else come back with some stupid post about how or why I’m comparing, current blue chip stocks to AXI. The point I’m trying to make is that yes an Investor can focus on the actual Stock Price thinking as you say thats really what its all about, which in fact make you no money when considering Penny Stocks. A proven way that has worked in making Speculators rich trading penny stocks is not to focus on the tangible value of a penny stock but rather on the intangible merits of a good story. just my 2 cents

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