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German Fantasies

1) I think my guess (a spin-out of Tuktu and West Melville nickel as new venture exchange listings) is a more likely scenario than the German fantasies (incomprehensible), but who knows? Why do AXI's press releases create more confusion than clarity? Why release cryptic press releases with no solid information? Why not wait until your board comes to an actual decision then press release that decision?


2) On the same point: "The Company would also like to report that its strategic partner, XinXing Ductile Iron Pipes Co. Ltd. ("XDIP") a subsidiary of XXP, has advised that it has received all the necessary government and regulatory approvals to complete the previously announced $5,000,000 convertible debenture financing."


Therefore, what? It can only be a couple of possibilities: we've received all government and regulatory approvals therefore: 1) you can expect the money wired in a few days; 2) but we're still not ready to send you any cash for our own internal reasons; or 3) but TSX approval is still required on the Canadian end. Which is it?

3) AXI's news release from 2 days ago is still not on its website. Web design's only a couple hundred dollars an hour. Are they that broke already? Or do they just not care anymore?

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