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    ALCOA - jetzt strong buy

    eröffnet am 19.09.08 09:41:08 von

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    schrieb am 19.09.08 09:41:08
    Beitrag Nr. 1 (35.182.794)
    mein spontaner Gedanke (\"Bauchgefühl\":laugh:)


    traditionell erster bei Quartals-Saison

    Ich erwarte push durch nächstes Ergebnis ca. Mitte Oktober.
    schrieb am 19.09.08 09:53:51
    Beitrag Nr. 2 (35.183.057)
    Welchen EK empfiehlst du ?

    Ungefähre Angabe bitte
    schrieb am 19.09.08 10:11:26
    Beitrag Nr. 3 (35.183.369)
    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 35.183.057 von Red_Eileen am 19.09.08 09:53:51vielleicht bekommen wir einen kleinen Rücksetzer: ca. 26 US-Doll.
    schrieb am 19.09.08 10:18:02
    Beitrag Nr. 4 (35.183.483)
    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 35.183.369 von alysant am 19.09.08 10:11:26

    warum ein US - Investment ? die Amis kaufen uns doch auch nichts ab

    dann schon besser das hier

    schrieb am 20.09.08 13:47:59
    Beitrag Nr. 5 (35.195.893)
    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 35.183.483 von Red_Eileen am 19.09.08 10:18:02Wenn es um Geld geht, sind nationale Überlegungen sekundär. :D

    Im übrigen steht Alcoa unter deutscher Führung:

    Klaus Kleinfeld :laugh::laugh::laugh:
    schrieb am 23.09.08 09:19:37
    Beitrag Nr. 6 (35.229.554)
    gestern behauptet als drittbester Wert im Dow Jones nach

    A I G (Sonderfall)

    Microsoft (Rückkaufprogramm, Schnäppchenkurs)

    in sehr schwachem Markt.
    schrieb am 08.10.08 00:20:13
    Beitrag Nr. 7 (35.466.809)
    aus Geschäftstätigkeit relativ geringer Rückgang.

    Revenue was $7.2 billion, down from $7.4 billion a year earlier, as the price of aluminum dropped 28 percent during the quarter, from $3,375 per ton on July 1 to $2,415 on Sept 30.

    Das Gesamtresultat ist jedoch von Sondergeschäften beeinflusst.

    Alcoa profit drops on lower aluminum prices
    Tuesday October 7, 5:06 pm ET

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Aluminum producer Alcoa Inc (NYSE:AA - News) on Tuesday posted a quarterly profit that missed analysts' estimates on softer demand, higher costs and sharply lower prices for aluminum.

    The company said it was taking a number of measures to maximize profits and preserve cash as the economy falters, including reviewing under-performing assets, curtailing non-critical capital programs and suspending share buybacks.

    The company's shares fell 6 percent in after-market trade, after closing at $16.71 on the New York Stock Exchange.

    Third-quarter net earnings were $268 million, or 33 cents per share, compared with $555 million, or 63 cents in the same quarter of 2007, the Pittsburgh-based company said.

    Last year's third-quarter earnings included a gain of $218 million, or 25 cents per share, on the sale of Alcoa's stake in China's Chalco.

    The latest quarter results, which ended September 30, included charges of 10 cents an operating share for the curtailment of a smelter in Texas and the negative impact of currency translations.

    Revenue was $7.2 billion, down from $7.4 billion a year earlier, as the price of aluminum dropped 28 percent during the quarter, from $3,375 per ton on July 1 to $2,415 on Sept 30.

    Analysts on average were expecting earnings of 50 cents per share and revenue of $7.139 billion, according to Reuters Estimates.

    "Despite rising costs and sluggish end markets, combined profitability in the four business segments was in line with last year's third quarter," said President and Chief Executive Officer Klaus Kleinfeld.

    "Recently, aluminum prices have fallen steeply and demand has softened further, while input costs remain high," said Kleinfeld.

    "The resulting margin squeeze will have a greater impact going forward, but will be somewhat mitigated by the easing of energy prices and a stronger U.S. dollar. We will continue to manage our business to keep it competitive in a turbulent global environment."

    Earlier on Tuesday, Morgan Stanley lowered its 2008 and 2009 earnings estimates on Alcoa and cut its price target on the company's shares to $30 from $47 a share.

    "Slowing global growth, risks with the financial crisis and rising aluminum stocks are weighing on aluminum fundamentals," said Morgan Stanley analyst Mark Liinamaa, in a note to clients.

    The investment bank cut its 2008 earnings forecast for Alcoa by 27 percent and its 2009 view by 40 percent.

    "While we remain structurally bullish on the longer-term prospects for aluminum, a combination of rising exchange inventory, slowing global growth and the current financial crisis suggest prices will lag our previous expectations," said Liinamaa.

    (Reporting by Steve James; Editing by Bernard Orr)
    schrieb am 08.10.08 12:17:49
    Beitrag Nr. 8 (35.474.171)
    Mein Kauftermin ging daneben. Das ist nicht unehrenhaft, da ich mich mit Warren in guter Gesellschaft befinde (sh. GE :laugh:).

    Da es sich um einen blue chip handelt, sind die aktuellen Kurse für Investoren Kaufkurse, da ich nicht davon ausgehe, daß die USA geschlossen werden. :laugh:
    schrieb am 09.10.08 23:01:29
    Beitrag Nr. 9 (35.505.084)

    Trendumkehr abwarten bzw. die könnte noch auf 5€uro fallen.:eek:
    schrieb am 10.10.08 12:34:19
    Beitrag Nr. 10 (35.513.940)
    Bei dem Umfeld ist nichts unmöglich !


    Diesen blue chip kann man aussitzen, da weder Auto noch Bank:laugh::laugh::laugh:

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