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Matamec, Giga-Chance im REE-Sektor? - Die letzten 30 Beiträge

Na ja, vielleicht ist denen der Geduldsfaden gerissen, weil sich die Verhandlungen mit den Ureinwohnern (Projektgenehmigung) so unendlich mühsam gestalten.

Vielleicht hat die lokale Regierung mehr Autorität das Projekt durchzusetzen ... :rolleyes:
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.831.411 von Liebesleid am 20.09.14 10:46:34Uiuiui. Da packt TREC fast 16 Mio in das Projekt und begnügt sich nun mit 10% Royalties... ?

Was ist denn da los (rhetorische Frage). Da kann man dann auch so einiges heruaslesen.

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.831.306 von Liebesleid am 20.09.14 10:31:26Matamec Signs a Termination and Release Agreement with TRECa

TRECan Converts its 49% Interest into a 10% NPI Royalty

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Sep 19, 2014) - Matamec Explorations Inc. ("Matamec" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:MAT)(OTCQX:MHREF) announced today the signature of a Termination and Release Agreement between the Company and Toyotsu Rare Earth, Inc. (TRECan) in the HREE Kipawa Deposit. Upon signing this agreement, Matamec will pay CAD$280,000 to TRECan and TRECan will convert its 49% interest in the HREE Kipawa Deposit into a 10% NPI Royalty. Now, Matamec will own 100% interest of the HREE Kipawa Deposit.

Matamec and TRECan JVA on the HREE Kipawa Deposit

Matamec and TREcan signed a Joint Venture Agreement ("JVA") on July 11, 2012 for the HREE Kipawa Deposit. Since the signature of the JVA, TRECan bought 49% interest in the Deposit for $16M. Matamec funded all the work related to the feasibility study with the $16M. This study was completed and filed on SEDAR on October 14, 2013.

The JVA was signed with the option that after the completion of the Feasibility Study, if TRECan did not want to participate in the next phase of the development of the HREE Kipawa Deposit, it could convert its 49% interest in a 10% NPI Royalty.

TRECan took the corporate decision to convert its 49% interest into a 10% NPI Royalty.. Both parties agreed to sign a Termination and Release Agreement by which Matamec will pay to TRECan the agreed amount in cash before November 19(th) , 2014 and TRECan will convert its 49% interest into a 10% NPI Royalty. The NPI Royalty is described in Annex D of the JVA filed on SEDAR on July 23, 2012.

"Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release."

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September 19, 2014 10:08 ET (14:08 GMT)
Matamec Gives an Update on the Investment Project of $4 Mill

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Sep 19, 2014) - Matamec Explorations Inc. ("Matamec" or the "Company")(TSX VENTURE:MAT)(OTCQX:MHREF) is issuing today an update on the investment project of $4 million CAD by Resources Québec ("RQ") in the HREE Kipawa, announced by the Company on April 2(nd) .

In the decree of March 5(th) , the government of Quebec highlights the economic and technological importance of the Kipawa rare earths project. It mandates Investissement Québec, through its subsidiary Ressources Québec inc., to subscribe to $1 million CAD in Matamec equity and a minority stake of $3 million CAD in the HREE Kipawa deposit. This investment is part of an investment project of $6 million CAD in which Matamec will invest $2 million CAD.

Matamec announces that it now holds a 100% interest in the HREE Kipawa deposit. Starting today, various business opportunities that have been explored in the past, are now possible. Adding a financial partner like RQ and having the support of the government of Quebec are particularly important in the development of rare earth mining project located in Témiscamingue.

The investment project of RQ is currently in the due-diligence phase. It includes the normal steps of such a process. It also includes the negotiation of a joint venture agreement between RQ and Matamec, to enable RQ to have a minority stake in the Kipawa rare earths deposit.

"Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release."

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September 19, 2014 10:15 ET (14:15 GMT
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 46.756.881 von videomart2 am 03.04.14 00:45:02...Hi,

wie habe ich kürzlich in der Matamec-März-Präsentation die folgende Idee gelesen: Gold = Spinn Off in a new Company....Kosten 2 Mio.

Um das neue Unternehmen dann überhaupt an den Start zu bringen müssen erst noch ein paar Bohrergebnisse her, sonst wird's eine Totgeburt.

Ich frage mich nur, was bis dahin bzw. wie der Kurs für HREE dann aussehen könnte...viel runter gehen kann es nicht mehr....

Canada Strategic Metals Hits Multiple Mineralized Zones in Ongoing Drilling at the Sakami Gold Project

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - March 31, 2014) - Canada Strategic Metals Inc. ("Canada Strategic Metals" or "the Company") (TSX VENTURE:CJC)(FRANKFURT:YXEN)(OTCBB:CJCFF) and Matamec Explorations Inc. (TSX VENTURE:MAT)(OTCQX:MHREF) are very pleased to announce that a new drilling program began a few days ago at the Sakami gold project.

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 46.426.086 von Grawshak am 11.02.14 17:58:19Ich sehe es ähnlich wie Luisa Moreno von Euro Pacific Capital:;)

Luisa Moreno:

"I cover Matamec Explorations Inc. (MAT:TSX.V; MRHEF.OTCQX). We have a Speculative Buy recommendation for $0.22/share. Matamec is one of the most developed companies in the REE junior mining space. The company is developing the Kipawa deposit in Quebec, which contains the HREE-enriched eudialyte mineral. Matamec has completed its bankable feasibility study and is optimizing its flow sheet.

Matamec has a collaboration with Toyota Tsusho Group (TYHOF.OTCPK), a partner that is co-funding the development of the project and is providing technical support. Matamec expects to complete optimization in H1/14 and start working on the financing to build the mine and processing facilities.

Because this project reaches into the HREEs, it will give Toyota and potentially other end-users a supply of elements in addition to the light rare earth elements (LREEs). It should be noted that Molycorp and Lynas both produce predominantly LREEs, and do not refine individual HREEs."

muss man aber auch mal sagen...
mat hat in rekordtempo eine dfs abgeschlossen und hat mit toyota quasi einen top strategischen investor. capex/opex sind nicht die problemkinder sondern die extrem volatilen seltenerd preise... wenn man die aktuellen ansetzt ist mat nicht ausreichend wirtschaftlich, wenn man mit den für 2016 erwarteten preise rechnet (welche in der dfs verwendet wurden) dann kommt man eben auf die in der dfs veröffentlichten npv/irr. wenn man mit den preisen von letztem 1-2 jahren ausgeht (x-fach der aktuellen) dann wäre mat imo ein lockerer tenbagger.
Sep 4, 2013 5:24 PM

Matamec Explorations (TSXV: MAT) took a hit after the Montreal-based explorer published a feasibility study for its Kipawa joint-venture heavy rare earth elements project near Rouyn-Noranda, Que. Its shares dropped 33%, or 8.5¢, to close at 17¢, despite the study showing the project is technically and economically viable.

Kipawa is envisioned as a 3,653 tonne per year open pit operation producing 1,516 tonnes of heavy rare earth concentrate, plus 2,137 tonnes of light rare earth concentrate each year. The deposit, located on the Zeus property, has reserves of 19.77 million tonnes with a diluted total rare earth oxide grade of 0.41% and an estimated mine life of 15.2 years. The initial cost to construct Kipawa is $374 million, including a 15% contingency. Matamec owns 51% of the project and its partner Toyota Tsusho Corp. (TTC) holds the remainder.

While the start-up costs are 18% higher than the $315.8 million estimated in a preliminary economic assessment (PEA) published in March 2012, the total operating expenditures dropped 13% to $21.53 per kilogram of mixed rare earths thanks to the optimization work the junior conducted over the year.

But what may have disappointed investors is the difference in the project’s economics compared to that of the PEA. The latest study demonstrates Kipawa has a net present value (NPV) of $260 million and an internal rate of return (IRR) of 21.6% using a 10% discount rate, on a pre-tax basis. The PEA estimated a pre-tax NPV of $500 million and a pre-tax IRR of 36.9%, using the same discount rate.

“The IRR and NPV are lower than previously but the prices they used for the lights [light rare earth elements] particularly are below current estimated spot price,” Luisa Moreno, an analyst at Euro Pacific Canada, writes in an email.

“The economics are not the best ever seen for a mining project, but the fact that they were able to produce a positive feasibility using modest LREE prices is pretty good,” she adds.

Edward Miller, the company’s director of investor relations, notes the IRR has dropped from when the company did the PEA a year ago mainly due to the sluggish prices for rare earths. “The rare earth pricing this year has fallen from the 2011 highs and hit a low. It has started to rebound over the last couple of months…but that really lowered the IRR.”

That said Miller points out there are several opportunities that could bolster Kipawa’s economics, including building a second pilot plant, where further testwork could help improve recovery rates. He says there is also potential room for improvement in the open-pit design.

“It is a very high quality deposit and there is significant upside to bring the IRR well above 25% pretax,” he reckons.

On an after-tax basis, the feasibility indicates Kipawa has a 16.8% IRR and a $128 million NPV using a 10% discount, whereas the PEA didn’t disclose Kipawa’s after-tax numbers.

Asked what challenges lie ahead at Kipawa, Miller says: “The rare earth pricing just has to continue going up, which we are seeing, and if that continues that would be very positive.

“So certainly the rare earth demand, pricing and to have the opportunity to complete the second pilot plant and get that to be able to communicate the recovery process and higher recovery rates,” he adds. Kipawa has a total recovery rate of 70%.

Looking at its to-do list, Matamec intends to finish the second pilot plant shortly, followed by the release of an environmental and social impact study early next year. In 2014, the junior also plans to explore financing options for the project, noting TTC would be responsible for footing nearly half the bill. Matamec intends to start building the mine in early 2015, with start-up anticipated in late 2016.

The company currently has about $4.5 million in its till, which it says should be enough to finish the second pilot plant and forthcoming study.

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 45.376.739 von Grawshak am 03.09.13 16:19:27Kein Wunder:;)

"The results of the feasibility study will be announced on September 4. This will be an important achievement, considering the difficulties that many emerging rare earth companies have been facing in order to reach this stage. Matamec has shown the importance of securing partnerships, whether in the form of an off-take agreement or other forms of cooperation, with influential industry players in order to advance investment and technology intensive mining projects as are those involving rare earths. Matamec is unique in that it is the only rare earths company to have signed a major automotive manufacturer as a joint venture partner with a guaranteed sale of its products for the duration of the mine, estimated at 13 years. Clearly, this has greatly reduced Matamec’s economic risk. TTC considers the Kipawa deposit as an essential source of HREE to build hybrid vehicles, an area in which the parent company Toyota has placed a great deal of its future growth prospects."

Heute kein Handel in Kanada: 02.09.: Tag der Arbeit
Zeit, sich Matamec nochmal genauer anzusehen...

Matamec Explorations: Ein Explorationsunternehmen in Kanada mit Fokus auf schwere seltene Erden

Erwin Matula - 18 Juli 2013

"The best source for a sustained quantity of HREEs is Matamec Exploration Inc.'s Kipawa deposit in Quebec."

The Metals Report Interview with Anthony Mariano and Tony Mariano Jr.
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Metals Report (8/27/13)

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