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    Snap Interactive ein App - Anbieter bei facebook (Seite 19)

    eröffnet am 04.12.10 18:17:10 von

    neuester Beitrag 29.09.14 11:56:29 von
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    schrieb am 19.01.12 19:58:42
    Beitrag Nr. 181 (42.619.107)

    Schon bei aktuell 1,36.

    schrieb am 19.01.12 22:17:52
    Beitrag Nr. 182 (42.620.043)
    ...uii...schon 1,58€ oder sind die jetzt vielleicht in der Gewinnzone in Q1????
    schrieb am 19.01.12 23:57:33
    Beitrag Nr. 183 (42.620.432)
    +40%, erhöhtes Volumen und Käufe zu Handelsende und auf Tageshöchststand geschlossen...gibt definitiv schlechtere Tage;)
    schrieb am 20.01.12 09:16:19
    Beitrag Nr. 184 (42.621.130)
    Interview aus vom 18.01.2012:…
    schrieb am 20.01.12 10:33:19
    Beitrag Nr. 185 (42.621.658)
    Sieht ja ganz gut aus... Pari wäre ca. € 1,20 :cool:
    Wird Zeit, dass das Volumen auch in D wieder steigt.
    schrieb am 20.01.12 15:25:45
    Beitrag Nr. 186 (42.623.586)
    Spread ist ja schon etwas geringer geworden in Deutschland, momentan etwas unter 10%
    schrieb am 20.01.12 21:28:41
    Beitrag Nr. 187 (42.625.839) Version 3.8.2: Now Available on iPhone

    When we built the first version of for the iPhone back in the spring of 2009, we wanted to build an application that allowed our users to chat, flirt, meet and connect with other singles anytime, and anywhere. By the start of 2011, we were excited to get 240,000 downloads. Now, in the past year, we’re proud to announce that more than 2.2 million people have now downloaded the app on their iPhones!

    To accommodate our growing number of users, today we are releasing version 3.8.2 to the App Store. Everyone at SNAP has been really heads down and focused on turning out bug fixes to accommodate our increases in scale while continuing to work on some ‘surprise’ projects that you’ll find out about soon enough.

    Several improvements in version 3.8.2 include:
    •Fewer crashes & speedier service to improve user experience
    •Create a Priority inbox which contains messages sent from within your country. International messages will appear in your regular inbox
    •Send messages based on what people are interested in. These have a MUCH greater chance of getting a response than a generic ‘Hi’
    •We’ve made it easier to block people from contacting you across the app is available for download in the iTunes App Store. Feel free to share your comments on our Facebook fan page at

    Enjoy the build!
    schrieb am 23.01.12 14:20:14
    Beitrag Nr. 188 (42.632.891)
    kein gutes Zeichen, wenn IR wichtiger wird als das Geschäft:

    January 23, 2012 08:08 AM ET

    SNAP Interactive, Inc. Hires Strategic Communications Firm, ICR, to Manage Investor Relations

    Marks First Step in Larger Initiative to Increase Investor Awareness
    NEW YORK, Jan. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SNAP Interactive, Inc. (OTCBB: STVI), creator of the App on Facebook Platform, today announced that is has retained ICR, a strategic communications firm, to assist the company with its investor relations activities. Retaining ICR marks the first step as part of an overall plan to improve communication with investors and increase SNAP's profile and visibility within the overall investment community.

    "We are thrilled to be working with ICR," said Cliff Lerner, SNAP Interactive President & CEO. "We felt it was important to team up with a leading investor relations firm like ICR to help provide our shareholders with a high quality of service and attention while leveraging their expertise to create a plan to raise SNAP's public profile. We anticipate our 2012 action plan will include presenting at investor conferences for the first time in SNAP's history as well as increased communication with investors and professionals within the investment community. We're extremely proud of the growth we've achieved from a revenue and product perspective and now, with a much more robust staff and ICR's guidance, we're ready to increase our public profile."

    SNAP Interactive recently hired Jon Pedersen, Sr. as Chief Financial Officer in November 2011. Mr. Pedersen brings key experience to SNAP coming from a senior level role at Warner Music Group, a former New York Stock Exchange listed company. ICR will be working closely with co-founders Cliff and Darrell Lerner alongside Mr. Pedersen, whose responsibilities as CFO include overseeing SNAP's investor relations function.

    "I'm excited to be ramping up our investor relations efforts and sharing the SNAP story with the investment community," said Mr. Pedersen. "SNAP Interactive is home to one of the largest social dating applications on the Internet and is completely integrated with social networking and mobile platforms. We look forward to more actively communicating our story to investors interested in these emerging markets."
    schrieb am 23.01.12 17:59:48
    Beitrag Nr. 189 (42.634.399)
    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 42.625.839 von maribo am 20.01.12 21:28:41

    der Link geht bei mir nicht :(
    schrieb am 23.01.12 18:06:34
    Beitrag Nr. 190 (42.634.455)

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