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Solimpeks unveils one of cost efficient solar thermal collectors in the world

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27.05.2010, 17:37  |  2265   |   |   
Karatay (ots) - Solimpeks Corp. has added a new product to its
range of flat solar thermal collectors: the Wunder Drain collector.
According to the company, this high-performance, double meander, flat
collector is among the cost efficient in the world.

The Turkish manufacturer of solar thermal collectors, Solimpeks,
has added a new product to its range of meander, flat collectors.
Like all Wunder® products, the Wunder® Drain collector comprises an
all- aluminium case, cover with a low iron tempered solar glass panel
4mm thick. The glass is sealed with a high quality EPDM seal. The
Wunder® collectors are insulated with 50 mm Rockwool ® and have a
thermal conductivity of 0.037 W/mK.

The Wunder Drain´s absorber consists of a 0.20 mm thick copper
plate coated with a selective titanium coating, capable of absorbing
97% of the solar radiation it receives. Thanks to an 18 mm manifold,
it is possible connect 10 Wunder Drain panels in one single string.

The Wunder® Drain collector can be mounted on or integrated into
flat and sloping roofs alike and, the company claims, has one of the
cost-efficient rates in the world.

Solimpeks Corp. manufactures a range of high quality solar thermal
and hybrid collectors. It has over three generations of experience
and holds 18 quality certificates including Solarkeymark, SP, SRCC,
FSEC, SEI, ISFH, INTA, ISO 9001: 2000 and Tüv. Solimpeks presently
exports to 60 countries around the world.

For additional information www.solimpeks.com

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Contact Person:
Onder Kalafat
Mail: o.kalafat@solimpeks.com
Mail: info@solimpeks.de

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