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Jep News Germany's Pro-migrant Sentiment is Weakening

Nachrichtenquelle: PR Newswire (engl.)
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BERLIN, April 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Website Jep News has published an article commenting on the results of a new study by the largest non-profit organization in Germany, The Bertelsmann Foundation.

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To read the full article, published April 13, click here:  http://jepnews.de/english/107-germany-s-pro-migrant-sentiment-is-weake ...  

The Bertelsmann researchers have found that the general attitude among Germans to migration remains positive with 74% saying migrants are welcome and 59% stating the same about refugees. Nevertheless, the pro-migrant sentiment seems to be waning in the country. For the first time since the start of the refugee crisis and influx of migrants, the majority of German citizens believes that the country has reached its limit on newcomers - this figure has risen up to 54 percent. This rise from only 40 percent in 2015 shows an increasing skepticism among the citizens of Germany about accepting more newcomers, and threatens the continuing success of Angela Merkel's Willkommenspolitik.

Other figures show more uncertainty on the issue of immigration, with 65% regarding it as a positive process when taking into account Germany's aging population, 60% taking stance against anti-immigrant discrimination, yet 97% stating that they wish newcomers made more of an effort on their way to integration.

Jörg Dräger, Bertelsmann Foundation CEO, was quoted by Jep News as saying: "The people of Germany are looking back self-assuredly on having warmly received so many refugees. But they also say that other countries should step up to the plate".

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