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Cubic Introduces Full Spectrum of Force Modernization Tools To Central and Eastern European Market

SAN DIEGO & KIELCE, Poland, Sep 2, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

Also Teams with Polish Partner to Spotlight Communications Products at

MSPO International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce, Poland

Cubic Defense Applications, the defense segment of Cubic Corp. (AMEX: CUB), will
unveil a complete package of training and operational products and services at
the MSPO International Defence Industry Exhibition from Sept. 2-5 in Kielce,

Cubic is also teamed with Unitronex at the Unitronex booth, where the two
companies will showcase military communications products available to the
Central and Eastern European market. Unitronex is Cubic`s authorized
representative for communications products in Poland.

"Cubic is well known in Central and Eastern Europe as an expert on defense
modernization," said Gerald Dinkel, president and CEO of the Cubic Defense
Applications Group. "Cubic has been a partner with many NATO members and
aspirants in restructuring, modernizing and transitioning their militaries to
comply with NATO requirements. Now we want to expand our presence in this market
by offering allied militaries a total package of force modernization, training
systems and advanced communications tools -- plus the necessary systems
integration support."

At its own booth, Cubic will highlight its capabilities in transformation
assistance, ground combat training systems, simulation and combat training
centers, technical services and systems integration. Cubic is also introducing
its Deployable System for Training and Readiness (DSTAR), a mobile exercise
control center that provides live simulation training and feedback on units`
performance. DSTAR has just been designated as the U.S. Army`s Initial
Homestation Instrumentation Training System (I-HITS). Cubic is also promoting
its Precision Combat Training System, a direct-fire weapons simulation system
that supports both precision gunnery and tactical training.

"Cubic experts have conducted numerous studies on national security, defense
restructuring and peacekeeping operations for European and Central Asian clients
and have been fully involved with implementing complex restructuring programs,"
said Bob Howard, vice president and general manager of Cubic`s Analysis and
Learning Technologies Division in Alexandria, Va. "Through these studies, Cubic
has developed credibility and name recognition, which has led to additional
business, such as assisting the Romanian Armed Forces in establishing the
Romanian Simulation Training Center, which opened last year in Bucharest. Cubic
can not only assist clients in setting up simulation and instrumented combat
training centers and ranges, but also has the engineering capability to
integrate legacy components into training solutions."

At the Unitronex booth, Cubic will spotlight a full-range of communications and
avionics products. Cubic will demonstrate the capabilities of its DF 4400 DF
(Direction-Finding) Receiver/Processor, a flexible and extremely cost-effective
DF system used extensively for regulatory monitoring, search-and-rescue, police
and combat operations applications. This system is now under evaluation by
various agencies of the Polish government. Another focus will be combat search
and rescue systems and GPS handheld radios, including Cubic`s new AN/ARS (6) V12
Personnel Locator System. The smaller, lighter V12 system is interoperable with
all standard emergency distress beacons and Cubic`s URX-3000 Tactical ELT and
GPS based survival radios. Cubic is working to ensure that the system will be
interoperable with new worldwide standards.

The Unitronex booth will also feature information about jam-resistant, DSP-based
data links for the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)
community, a ground collision avoidance system, a software-definable
surveillance receiver and high-frequency (HF) communications systems.

"Central and Eastern Europe represent a promising new market for us," said Rick
Lober, senior vice president of Cubic`s Communications and Electronics Business
Unit. "Nations that are aspiring to join NATO are interested in our
communications products and search-and-rescue systems as they view having these
capabilities important to being able to contribute to NATO`s combat and
peacekeeping operations."

Cubic`s Current Efforts in Emerging Democracies

Force Modernization Studies: Cubic`s Analysis and Learning Technologies Division
is the leading provider of force modernization studies, analyses and expert
advice to NATO nations and NATO invitee countries. The division is currently
assisting the U.S. and host governments with force modernization efforts in the
Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Lithuania. It has also performed
peace operations studies for Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan.

Romanian Simulation Training Center: In 2002, the Romanian Armed Forces and
Cubic opened a new Simulation Training Center in Bucharest, Romania. Under
contract with the U.S. Army Security Assistance Command, a team of Cubic and
Romanian personnel train Romanian military officers in the leadership skills
needed in contemporary operations.

Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) for Croatia: Cubic`s
laser-based ground combat training system is used by the U.S. Army, Marines and
Air Force and the British Army, Royal Netherlands Marine Corps and Kuwait Land
Forces. Cubic is supplying its MILES system to the Republic of Croatia under a
Foreign Military Sale authorized by the U.S. Army`s Program Executive Office for
Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI). It is due for fielding in
Croatia in early 2004.

The Cubic Defense Applications group, one of Cubic`s two major segments,
provides realistic combat training systems for military forces as well
simulation, force transformation assistance, educational services, operations &
maintenance and manufacturing services. The group also supplies products and
systems for C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence,
Surveillance & Reconnaissance) applications, search and rescue avionics and
radio communications for military and civil markets. The corporation`s other
major segment, Cubic Transportation Systems, designs and manufactures automatic
fare collection systems for public mass transit authorities. For more
information about Cubic, visit www.cubic.com.
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