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Cubic Showcases Automatic Fare Collection Technologies for Buses At UITP Persontrafik 2003 Exhibition

GOTEBORG, Sweden, Sep 18, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Cubic Transportation Systems
(Nordic) A/S, a division of Cubic Transportation Systems, a subsidiary of Cubic
Corp. (AMEX: CUB), will showcase its complete system of automatic fare collection
technologies for buses at the UITP Persontrafik Exhibition from September 18-20
in Goteborg, Sweden.

Cubic, the world`s leading system provider for regional multi-operator
intermodal ticketing systems is also the leading supplier of bus automatic fare
collection systems in Scandinavia. Cubic provides Scandinavia the combined
advantages of a local company supported by a worldwide organization and

"We expect there to be about $250 Million (U.S.) worth of work within the next
year in the Scandinavian public transit market and Cubic, as the region`s
leading fare collection system provider, is well positioned to win a substantial
portion of this," said Richard Johnson, president and CEO of Cubic
Transportation Systems.
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