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Shelf-Life for Multiferon Extended as Viragen Advances Marketing Campaign

PLANTATION, Fla., May 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Viragen, Inc. (Amex: VRA) today announced that the Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA) has approved extending the shelf-life of Multiferon(TM) to 18 months from its previously approved labeling of 12 months. Additionally, the Company reports that it has initiated a new sales and marketing campaign for Multiferon in Sweden. The campaign promotes the theme "Multiferon -- the natural choice," highlighting its natural source (human leukocytes), its competitive attributes and its approved uses in Sweden.

"It is our priority objective to increase sales of Multiferon around the world," stated Viragen`s President and CEO, Mr. Charles A. Rice. "The prolonged shelf-life provides us with increased flexibility in production and distribution, and we are working to implement this new labeling in our existing and pending markets. Through our own sales staff in Sweden, our growing network of international distributors and our evolving strategy for the future of the product, we expect Multiferon to become recognized as a leading brand of natural alpha interferon."

The print advertising campaign will debut in a series of Scandinavian and Swedish medical publications, including Acta Oncologica, a leading journal in clinical oncology and the official journal of the five Nordic oncological societies.

For a preview of the Multiferon advertising campaign, please visit: http://www.Viragen.com/multiferonad.htm .

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