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13 Jan 2005, 09:18 AM EST
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bag holder..... This is only my opinion !
I think that b2digital is virtually an undiscovered Gem at this point. OTC:BB stock`s for the most part have always been development stage companie`s. Few will ever see a profit because of the debt`s incurred to develop products, do research, pay employees etc. That`s why most have to continually perform reverse splits. I`m sure you already know all of this so I will get to my point. I think B2digital is going to report a profit for 2004. An actual profit by an OTC:BB is almost unheard of ! And, this company is still growing. As of September 2004, their revenues were up over 205 % and there`s plenty of room for future growth/contract`s in their industry. Look at "www.otcfn.com/btwo" . At the top, click on Investor Facts and scroll down through it. I think they need to `tweak` some things ,like a better web site etc. but I truly believe that they are on track. I think we will see good tings from them this year. i.e. More contracts and I also think they are a prime takeover target. I have been meaning to call them with some questions but have plenty of time for that. I will continue to post whatever I can find. Bottom line, This is a great entry point. Again, jmho. Merlin.

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