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By: merlinknows
27 Jan 2005, 02:40 PM EST
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mwhhiz ... I think I have the same info as you and I am more that confident in staying with this puppy. Transfer agents differ. Some will answer call`s, others want emails and some won`t give anything except "Read it in the Filings" because of the amount of calls they get. According to I/R, there are 900 million authorized shares for use. Of that, about 280 million are outstanding at this time with a float of around 150 million. Target price ( at the low end ) is .10 - .15 per share and could very well reach .20 - .30 . You are right, an awful lot of good things are in the works and we must wait it out. I think some got rattled the past couple of days and that`s why we aren`t moving up like we should be. This will come back and we will see some steady upward movement. And P/R`s are in the works. Good Luck. Merlin.....Genau so sehe ich das auch!!
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