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Telecommunication Products Inc (OTCBB: TCPD) is a provider of high end digital satellite television, high-speed Wireless Internet services to the hospitality and multi-dwelling unit (MDU) marketplace. Through our wholly-owned subsidiary, The Hotel Movie Network, we install and operate comprehensive hotel entertainment systems (movies, interactive guest services) in hotels, resorts and multiple dwelling properties (MDU).

We are focused on expanding our current 8,000 room customer base, to include services to MDU`s, both to the US, and international markets. The company has partnered with Echostar, a world leading provider of programming, to deliver this next generation of home viewing and entertainment service, which will help our efforts moving forward.

TCPD holds contracts with many of Hollywood`s major studios to provide first and second window (hotel/airline and video rental) movies. Products are supported by an established network of professional deployment and maintenance teams across the United States backed up with state-of-the-art remote management facilities.

The TCPD products are fully integrated with the hotel Property Management (PMS) and Back Office Billing Systems which manage collection, minimize administration and optimize revenue for both TCPD and their customers. Seamless interfaces with the back office component of Hotel and Property Management operations permit TCPD to debit to the Guest/Resident Account in the Property Management System (PMS) directly thus ensuring accurate and timely collection for services utilized.

TCPD’s Direct to guest products include Video-On-Demand, Free to Guest and Digital Satellite Television products and cable connection systems.

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