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stju- I explained it quite clearly in 2505...

...and gave you links to the documents which show a total of 160MM shares--an increase of 100MM over the 1/11/05 registration of 60MM. You`re so blinded by your bizarre need to prove me wrong, that you`ve completely lost sight of the facts.

You`re arguing with yourself, by the way. I`ve been posting in an effort to clear up the misinformation and misinterpretation of these filings by you, merlin and mwhiz. The S-8 filing should not have caused any panic selling (and it didn`t) and if anything my explanations showed why the S-8 is not by itself a price moving event.

To summarize...

The company issued an s8 on 1/11 for 60MM shares plus 4MM for Weed.

They issued another s8 on 2/10 adding 100MM for a total of 160MM in the compensation play.

S-8 filings only register shares. No shares are issued by the filing. Shares that are subsequently issued for stock options, or other compensation are free trading and can be sold by the recipients when they please.

Not mentioned previously is the fact that if the recipient of S-8 shares is an `affiliate` of the company, meaning officers generally, then the shares are subject to certain restrictions in terms of when and at what rate they can be sold.

An S-8 filing in its own right is not a price-moving event, nor it it dilutive by itself. Only upon issuance do the shares become dilutive, and only when the shares are sold can it impact the price.

S-8 shares can NOT be used for financing. The company cannot sell them into the open market. They can only be used for compensation.

Das,würde bedeuten...Diese Aktien sind nur dazu da um Kredite zu Finanzieren!Oder,vieleicht Übernahmen?Nicht,aber um in den Markt geschmissen zu werden.... Bis jetzt müßte BTWO ca.-300millionen Aktien haben+eine Option bis zu 900-millionen ausgeben zu dürfen.Glaube aber nicht das die Firma auf biegen + brechen Aktien auf den Markt bringt!Entscheident ist(muß das noch mal sagen...),ende März+wie genau ist das 4.Quartal 2004 ausgefallen!!Lieb,grüß..D.
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