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By: ethues
09 Mar 2005, 04:23 AM EST
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Still believe in the $0.1 (maybe 0.98) But that will take about 8 months from now.
I guess the will announce first customer.
Then this will create interest from other companies.
This will result in second deal.
At the same time competition will emerge. Or LNET will adapt to this too (could take very long)
The market will grow, and BTWO too.
Ofcourse aftert he first real surge (+100%or +150%) and the obvious drop in a week (-30%), BTWO will become a more normal stock, with less big ups and downs.

Good ride .....Hallo,all!....8-Monate bis 0,10$?Warum,ni?Das,ist eh noch nicht mein Ziel!Was,mir gefällt wenn es denn so sein sollte,das BTWO zur normalen Aktie tendiert d.h,...weder riesige sprünge+noch verluste!Sondern,langsam aber stetig nach oben!!!Es,grüßt Alle...ein mit Grippe kämpfender...D....
aus der Diskussion: B2digital...News,Meinungen,Erwartungen.............
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