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04 Apr 2005, 07:52 PM EDT
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Strange,Clever action by MM`s imo,they also know newz is pending(PR about Greg Bell entering the management is allready enough to blow the PPS up.We haven`t got any news for about 6 weeks ,it`s time we get a good Pr Tomm or later this week.Each time BTWO got a Sell confirmed it flies up and otherwise also when they have a buy confirmed it`ll go down .Not Hyping,Just Watch and Learn!


BTWO has a O/S around 300 million shares,CEO accuired 240 million shares so you can say that the Float is around 60 million which is very small ,news GREG BELL entering company or a contract would blow up PPS ,BREAKOUT POINT is $0;0150,As long as ceo don`t sell his shares ,and imo he has no intension todo this if youknow that GREG BElL ,a respected well known man with lot`s of connections, who can bring those needed contracts ,IR peron BTWO has said good news will come out this week!So stay tuned.

I spoke with an individual that happen`s to own a lot of share`s in BTWO. He also knows Greg Bell and Robert Russell. He is an individual shareholder and not an employee of BTWO or B2Networks. This man know`s the background on this company ! Russell brought in Greg bell because he does not have the expertise in negotiations like Mr. Bell does. Russell know`s gaming and that is what he is concentrating on. Greg Bell has a history (about a dozen or so) companie`s that he has turned around and made successful. All I know at this point is Greg is negotiating with Comfort Suites and Quality Inns to put BTWO in their World Wide chains. They are very close to sealing this deal. Their competition is LodgeNet (lnet), who has been around since 1985. However, BTWO`system seems to be a better fit ! Make no mistake, LodgeNet is huge and will do whatever they need to , to close this deal. We are relying on Mr. Bell`s experience and savvy to close this thing. It could happen at any time. I am not hyping this and would appreciate if you would not ! I am told that BTWO could be a $1.00 a share within 8 to 12 month`s ! I think alot of it hinges on the deal. Keep an eye on LodgeNet. If they get this deal, we are probably sunk ! If BTWO get`s it ,LOOK THE F--- OUT ! Russell is working on incorporating EuroSwiss into their Hotel systems (which LodgeNet can`t do) ! I told you all awhile back that these guy`s did not fork out all this $$ for a web-site ! LOL ! My source say`s that if that is what people want to believe, so be it ! No one will argue the point and don`t care too ! We are looking at $20.00 - $22.00 per room which is about $6.00 per room cheaper than LodgeNet and a better system ! If the Gaming play comes in to fruition, No one else has this ! BTWO could steal existing business from LodgeNet when their contract`s come due ! Folk`s. Russell could not pull this off on his own ! I asked about a Hiarchy change and he would not comment other than to say that what I was thinking is not far fetched ! That tells me that Greg Bell will probably head up BTWO and Robert Russell will head up EuroSwiss ! A combinened Block-Buster ! I don`t mean to hype and I am not saying news will be out tomorrow ! That`s been the problem with this stock ! It`s always`s about news tomorrow. My source also said that Mr. bell will not release news until it is 100% firm ! Probably put a gag order on Russell (lol) ! I like that ! Those of you that know me, know that I don`t hype. This is the truth ! Good luck to you all ! Watch those contracts with LodgeNet ! Like I said, if they get Comfort Suites and Quality Inn`s , we are probably sunk ! If Mr. Bell does his magic and we get`em ? Well, you do the math. It`s huge !!!

Good news Is Around Tha Corner:BTWO has been trading huge since last month, as most of us know. The breakout point is .015 and good news will smoke it. The CEO R. Russell has positioned the company nicely and from conversations with the company the business model should produce just the right news releases to move this to .05+ in the near term. R. Russell has owned 7 physical casinos so he knows the business well, now he is just converting it into the web media. www.euroswissgaming.com A marketing plan will be taking effect soon to generate additional cash flows.

The company specializes is VOD hotel entertainment, i.e. www.hotellinktv.c om and has 14K rooms already active. The monthly average cash flow per room is $28. New contracts could be assumed in the works and it is becoming a realistic goal to have 100-200k rooms by the end or beginning of next year, if all of the objectives are meet. Assuming this is possible do the math, 28$ x 12months x 100k rooms = 33.6 million $$. Outstanding shares are under 300M and if you do a conservative technical breakdown, yearly earnings times 10 divided by shares. (33,600,000 x 10 / 300000000= $ 1.12) As you can see this is over 11000% gain from here. Most fast growing companies multiply their earnings by 20 to find the future PPS. This would be in excess of 2$. This isn`t considering the gaming revenue or the following.

The Canadian and American hotel market is untouched by nearly 5 million rooms. The other market share resides with VOD giants like LodgeNet or LNET. As you can see this company trades in excess of $17. If we can obtain even a portion of this market we could easily be several dollars, but wait it gets better.

In the recent quarterly this was stated: ISSUANCE OF SHARES TO B2NETWORK, INC. / GREG P. BELL During the quarter ended December 31, 2004 the Company issued 10,000,000 restricted shares of common stock pursuant to a future employment agreement with Greg P. Bell.

Under the wording "future employment" you can assume that he is getting involved in an official capacity, meaning as an advisor, board member, VP or maybe even CEO!!!! The key is the caliber of who he is: Greg P. Bell used to be one of the VP`s of the giant Q -- Qwest Communications International, Inc. If he is getting involved at all this would mean that he believes in this company as a real winner, also BTWO would gain repore, expertise, and mainly big money.

BTWO owns 10% of www.b2now.com, which is where four of the Qwest boys reside. Read their bios and you tell me what you think. If Mr. Bell gets involved the above technical breakdown could double or even more, so I would find you a position at these levels that is virtually where management is being positioned.


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