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hallo investors,
habe dieses posting im raging-bull gefunden
gblx am freitag +17% am nasdaq

bitte um meinungen

Spoke to my friend who is a broker in NYC...

He said GBLX is one everyone`s buy list for Tuesday. Many investors did not see the news till after today`s close. He said that the revenue increases forseen by GBLX should insure at least 3 - 4 back to back blowout quarters. Breaking 52-week high of $61 should really not be too great of a problem from here. Short term target (4 - 6 weeks) in $68 - $72. This could be what QCOM was in 1999. Global Crossing is a world wide service provider and its infrastructure is just now coming to full completion. Believ it when I say GBLX could go over $100.00 in 12-months. This is a long term, core holding. Very exciting day and exceptionally strong close.

I`m looking for $36 - $36 1/2 at open and a quick test of $29.00 by 10:00 am. We may settle in the $37 - $38 range for a few house but we will again have a strong close on Tuesday. The economic numbers today were great for the market and a fall rally is building. The summer rally did not occur but CNBC is talking about Nasdaq 5000 again this fall. It should be fun watching GBLX climb. I cannot wait for the action on Tuesday.
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