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Pace extends leadership in Europe

Pace Micro Technology plc has been confirmed as European digital set-top leader for the third year in succession, in the latest report from independent research analysts Dataquest. The research, which shows that Pace has opened up a lead of over 2% market share over its nearest rival, is the most comprehensive analysis of digital set-top box production available†.

The figures reflect Pace’s strong position in the European market, where the company supplies more mainstream pay TV businesses than any other set-top box developer. These include Sky Digital, ONdigital, NTL, Telewest, Kingston Communications, and Canal+ in France, Italy and Poland. Building on these strong foundations, Pace has also recently announced new contracts with TVCabo in Portugal and is now broadening its business in the US with contracts with Time Warner Cable, Comcast Cable and BellSouth Entertainment.

According to Malcolm Miller, Pace’s chief executive officer: “Pace is the world’s largest dedicated developer of digital set-top box technology and the only one to deliver products across satellite, cable, terrestrial and ADSL platforms. Through our investment in research and development, we are constantly at the leading edge of digital television technology from the creation of advanced, high-speed digital cable to set-top boxes to the integration of hard disk drives. We’re happy to be recognized in Europe as the leading set-top box developer, and are aggressively pursuing that same position worldwide, particularly in the U.S. where there is enormous growth opportunities for Pace.

“At Pace we are constantly exploring new ways to leverage this powerful, consumer-friendly technology. We are now evolving the set-top box into a home gateway, where the set-top box is the portal for video, data and voice communications. This is driving the development of the networked home where consumer devices and services interact with each other and the outside world through the set-top box home gateway.”

† European Digital Set-top box manufacturer rankings 1999, published 18 October 2000
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