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Germans find pay-TV a turn-off
Kirch`s Premiere World fails to meet goals, report says

By Taska Manzaroli, FTMarketWatch.com 10:46:00 AM GMT Jan 8, 2001

MUNICH (FTMW) -- Germans are giving Kirch Group`s pay-television service the cold shoulder.
Premiere World has won just 100,000 new customers after spending more than €15 million on a Christmas advertising blitz, according to a report in weekly magazine Focus.

The broadcaster now has 2.3 million subscribers -- compared with its original target of 2.9 million, the magazine said.

Spokeswoman Katrin Gogl declined to comment on the report. Premiere World, which has released subscriber figures in the past, won`t be doing so in the future because it`s a private company, Gogl said.


One of the problems facing Premiere World is that Germans can already choose from more than 40 channels for a monthly fee of €13

Premiere World, which offers movies and sports for as much as €28 per month, has failed to attract Germans who seem happy with their diet of tacky quiz shows, schmaltzy soap operas, oom-pah bands and soft porn.

"Moreover, Premiere World head Manfred Puffer has got to put up with dissatisfied customers," Focus said in Monday`s edition.

Customers have criticised the set-top boxes for their technical deficiencies. There have been complaints that the films also run on ProSieben and Sat.1 -- the free-TV channels controlled by the Kirch Group, the magazine said. Moreover, sports shows on Sat.1 or DSF undermine the exclusivity of Premier World, it said.


About 30 percent of the broadcaster`s customers decide to cancel their contracts, Focus said. This so-called churn rate must come down to below 10 percent if the business is to be profitable.

Two-thirds of the digital subscribers jump ship after three months, a third after a year, it said.

Premiere World said in November it had more than 2.2 million subscribers. Of those, some 1.7 million get its digital service.

By contrast, U.K. pay-TV operator British Sky Broadcasting [UK:BSY] has more than 9 million subscribers.
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