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Scientific-Atlanta Brings Interactive Experience Home With `Digital Living Room` Demos at Consumer Electronics Show
FRIDAY, JANUARY 05, 2001 5:17 PM
- PRNewswire

ATLANTA, Jan 5, 2001 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- More than 600,000 North American consumers today have access to a growing list of interactive TV applications over Scientific-Atlanta enabled cable systems, with deployments of the company`s popular Explorer(R) digital interactive set-tops. Showcasing the power and convenience of its Explorer set-top and network platform at CES 2001, Scientific-Atlanta will have video-on-demand, t-commerce, and The Kodak Picture Channel available at the touch of a remote control button.

In a significant move toward OpenCable and set-top portability, Panasonic (Booth LVCC South 1&2 2001) will demonstrate a new prototype digital cable-ready television set equipped with Scientific-Atlanta`s PowerKEY(R) conditional access point-of-deployment (POD) module. Silicon Image, a provider of high bandwidth semiconductor solutions, will showcase a high-definition digital set-top box from Scientific-Atlanta. And Intel (Booth LVCC North 1&2 4535) will feature the power of wireless technologies over Scientific-Atlanta`s home gateway Explorer 6000 set-top, a combination that will offer connectivity to a wide range of communications devices in the home.

With deployments of interactive applications now taking off, the stage is set for interactive TV growth. Already 11 interactive applications are deployed across 39 Scientific-Atlanta-enabled cable systems that serve 6.6 million subscribers. The interactive TV applications that are being delivered today include video-on-demand, t-commerce, enhanced TV, email, and Web browsing.


The Kodak Picture Channel, a new interactive service being co-developed by Kodak and Scientific-Atlanta will enable consumers to view, share, and order photographic prints of their pictures on TV. Kodak`s digital photography and imaging expertise, combined with Scientific-Atlanta`s powerful Explorer set-top and digital network, will enable consumers to accomplish some or all of the following:

* Upload pictures from a digital camera (via USB interface) plugged into
the Explorer set-top
* Send pictures to be printed at Kodak`s Internet photofinishing service
* Enhance pictures by adding text messages, cropping, removing "red eye,"
or making other improvements
* Share pictures by e-mailing them to friends and relatives
* Purchase merchandise such as t-shirts and mugs customized with personal
* Publish images on the World Wide Web

Video and Pizza on Demand

Video-on-demand (VOD) is one of the most popular applications offered to subscribers today: It`s real, ready and already deployed by cable operators in 14 cable systems using Scientific-Atlanta`s Explorer two-way interactive network. More than pay-per-view, VOD enables cable consumers to pause, rewind, play, fast-forward, and stop a movie using the Explorer set-top box and remote. Cable consumers served by a number of cable systems can already order a movie, tune to an e-commerce channel to order pizza or other food items, start the movie, pause it when the food arrives, and then continue the movie -- all with a click of the remote.

Along with the VOD demonstration, Scientific-Atlanta will also showcase pizza-on-demand, an on-screen digital tutorial, and an interactive program guide. The company will also display its WebSTAR(TM) cable modem, which offers significant speed advantages compared with ordinary telephone dial-up modems. The cable modem`s "always on" capability delivers instant access to a wide range of services over the broadband pipeline.

Panasonic -- First Digital Cable-Ready TV Uses Scientific-Atlanta POD

A new digital cable-ready television from Panasonic is breaking ground to speed the delivery of innovative entertainment solutions for retailers and cable subscribers.

This new prototype platform TV is equipped with a slot for inserting a conditional access POD (Point of Deployment) module, enabling it to receive digital cable programming from any appropriately upgraded cable system in the country. The Panasonic demonstration at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will use a PowerKEY Conditional Access Module supplied by Scientific-Atlanta, with digital service from the local cable provider. Typically, conditional access (CA), which protects the cable operator`s signal from unauthorized viewing, is built into a set-top box. Moving the CA capability to a POD for insertion directly into a television creates new options for cable operators and their subscribers.

Currently, whenever subscribers want digital channels on a television in their home, they must use a set-top box with each TV. Using the POD solution, subscribers have the flexibility to equip their home with any combination of ordinary televisions with cable operator-supplied set-tops or Panasonic POD- enabled TVs. This Panasonic integrated TV solution permits cable operators to directly deliver digital channels to more TVs in every subscriber`s home.

Silicon Image

Silicon Image (Convention Center South booth #3817) and Scientific-Atlanta will display digital visual interface (DVI) technology with high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) aboard Scientific-Atlanta`s Explorer 8000HD high-definition set-top box.

The DVI interface is an all digital interface allowing uncompressed high-definition content to be passed to another DVI equipped device such as an HDTV set. High-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) will protect data flowing over a DVI link from a video source, such as the Explorer 8000HD, to a digital display, such as an HDTV set, so the content cannot be copied.


Consumers may soon be able to share Internet access on TVs, PCs, and other devices; share files, printers and participate in multi-player games, all while watching their favorite TV shows. Intel will demonstrate a wireless home network solution using its Anypoint(TM) solution and Scientific-Atlanta`s Explorer 6000 set-top.

Scientific-Atlanta offers cable operators a choice of set-top box solutions, including the Explorer 2100, 3100, and 6000 set-tops, which enable them to offer varying levels of interactive TV capabilities.

* The Explorer 6000 model is a home gateway designed to support a
dazzling array of new broadband-enabled wireless services including
Internet access, e-mail and voice applications accessible via
appliances such as wireless phones. It features an integrated DOCSIS
modem to allow high-speed Internet access. The Explorer set-tops and
digital network are evolving into a home gateway enabling broadband
operators to seize new opportunities for delivering on the promise of
powering the networked home of the future through high-speed access to
entertainment and information with just a few key clicks -- anywhere
within the home.

* The Explorer 8000 set-top, announced in November, will deliver a wide
range of multiple interactive TV applications through a single set-top
box. In addition to Web browsing, email, t-commerce, and VOD, the
Explorer 8000 set-top will also deliver personal TV capabilities that
allow the cable subscriber to pause, rewind, fast forward, record, and
re-play live analog and digital TV programs using a built-in 40 gigabyte
hard drive. This innovative set-top will also enable the simultaneous
viewing and recording of two channels of programming and support HDTV
via memory options.
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