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By: charter70123
13 Jan 2007, 07:47 PM EST
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The last thing CNES wants is a reverse split. Bashers for years screamed R/S and it never happened. The basher cried it was just around the corner but CNES never entertained the idea of it and if were going to happen it would of. CNES has stated they will strive to increase shareholder value. I believe a buy back is the answer and seriously if CNES could pull it off quietly at low price the better off we would all be... There will not be a reverse split IMOH and even if were with contracts I'm not so sure it would go down in price but I don't want to even find out.

What we will hear next is bashers shouting loudly trying to scare people off using the O/S and Reverse Split.

CNES has over come every blow bashers have ever used in the past.

I think they will do a buy back and reward the stockholders who have been long for many years. I hope I'm right.

Another tactic basher use is naked shorting etc. You can't short this stock and if you could I'm sure you would of covered before these levels.

Are worst enemy here is CD selling and day traders who will settle for a small pop. It's all supply and demand the longer people hold the more the ask continues to gain value the more selling the lower the bid goes. Pretty simple and pretty basic stuff.

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