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ITV Set-top Box (& Built-in) & Related
Hardware Manufacturers/Providers

The Acer Group (Makes Set-tops with National Semiconductor Corp)
Acorn(Developed one of the first Set-top Boxes)
ACT/Technico(Hardware & software solutions for Real-Time computer applications)
ADC Telecommunications (Voice/video/data solutions related to ITV)
Advanced Interactive (Distance ed., e-commerce, home shopping, multi/datacasting)
AHI Navigator™ (A controller/device for ITV & other Web TV type functions)
Allwell Technology Co. (Interactive & broadband technologies Co.)
ATI Technologies (World`s largest manufacturer of graphics chips for PCs)
AXCENT Media AG (A German producer of media streaming technology)
Bandai Digital Entertainment (Formerly made/sold the Set-top Pippin@World)
Broadcom(Semiconductors - Develops all-in-one ITV computer chips/hardware)
Cable Vision Systems (New Zealand Hospitality related manufacturer)
Callisto Media Systems (Video solutions for ITV. Works with Sun Microsystems)
Canal+ (& Media Highway) (Consumers use around 6 million of their Set-tops)
C-Cube (Offers silicon solutions for broadband ITV)
Chrontel(PC to TV, PC-TV encoders & related integrated circuits)
Cocoonz(Turns the PC, PC-TV, etc. into the central hub for the home)
Compaq(AOL & Compaq - developing a Linux-based Set-top Box
Concurrent Computer Corporation (ITV Streaming video hardware developer)
Conexant Semiconductor products/systems for STBs/broadband/modems & more
Continental Edison (French television and computer manufacturer)
Crosstainment AG (German manufacturer of Internet & ITV solutions)
Daewoo Electronics (Consumer electronics & Internet access and e-commerce)
DiviCom Inc. (Image/video compression processing/networking components)
Eagle Wireless (Makes Set-top Boxes)
Element 14 (DSL chipsets, software and communications processor technology)
e-Media(Hardware/software solutions for streaming media)
ESS Technology (Consumer products/PC audio & video semiconductors & software)
eTV Tools (Koisks, Internet, ITV hardware/software)
Exatel(Solutions for digital video recording, broadcasting & networking)
FAST Multimedia AG (Video editing solutions for Broadcast & post production)
FEI Company (Data Storage, Semiconductors & more for interactivity & Set-tops)
Fujitsu Ltd (Makes Set-top Boxes)
GCT-ALLWELL (Set top Box platform and Java terminal)
GEO Interactive Media Group Ltd (Wireless video. Owns Zapex Research)
ID-TV(German interactive technologies development and implimentation business)
IGS Technologies (Makes hardware for Set-top Boxes)
ImaginOn(Broadband Internet TV systems for businesses and institutions)
IMP Television (IMPtv) (Irish high tech software/equipment designer/developer)
Interactive Services Exchange™ (ICTV) (Broadband ITV using a 100 Mbps switched Ethernet)
Interactive Television Corp. (ITV consulting and ITV products)
Inter-Con/PC(Design and development of a Set-Top Boxes)
Into Networks (Interactive hardware/software-on-demand & related services)
iSurfTV Inc. (Specializes in interactive digital TV technology)
Keen Personal Media (Data storage solutions for TV & Internet)
Konka(China`s largest exporter of color TVs)
Laird Telemedia (A major broadcasting industry manufacturer)
LG Electronics (Korean Set-top manufacturer)
Liberate Technologies (One of the biggest of ITV players)
Loewe AG (A German consumer electronics manufacturer)
LuxSonor Semiconductors Single-chip solutions for the consumer/computer markets
Maxtor (Large computer & related storage solutions provider)
Marusys Co. Ltd. (ITV software/hardware developer/manufacturer)
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd (Produces DTVs & more. They own Panasonic)
Metabox AG (Manufactures & sells Set-top Boxes)
MeterNet Corporation (Builds OEM Set-top Boxes)
Microtest Inc. (Network test, measurement tools, storage & CD-ROM networking)
Mitac (Taiwan Set-top Box manufacturer)
Mitel Semiconductor (Manufactures Set-top Boxes & semiconductors)
Mixed Signals Technologies (ITV software/hardware/back-end)
Motorola Broadband Communications Sector (Formerly General Instruments)
MULTVmedia Inc. (Custom {OEM} Set-top Box Manufacturer)
MyWeb (Mainland China Set-top Box manufacturer)
National Semiconductor Corp. (Chips & other hardware for Set-top Boxes)
NDS Ltd. (End-to-end digital broadcasting solutions)
Neon Technology (Internet Appliances {Set-top Boxes} for Internet use)
NetGem S.A. (Makes Set-tops & links household devices to the Internet)
NextLevel(Manufactures Set-tops including the CFT2200 Advanced Analog STB)
Nokia MediaMaster T (An advanced European Set-top using OnDigital)
Nokia Multimedia Terminals (ITV related software & hardware)
Norpak Corp (Leading supplier of TV data broadcast solutions)
Ondigital(UK Web TV company)
Pace Micro Technology (Manufactures Set-top Boxes)
Panasonic(Manufacture Set-top Boxes & more)
Paradise Innovations (Makers of the WebEZ Set-top Box)
Philips Consumer Electronics (Makers of a WebTV hardware & more)
Pioneer Digital Technologies (Hardware/software for cable TV Set-top Boxes)
PowerChannel(Offers a Free PCTV & related services)
Quantum(Personal TV, Video-on-Demand storage solutions)
Regent Electronics Inc. (Set-top Boxes & related products)
Ricor(Developed a Set-top Box called the "Telecom Ricor")
Sagem Group (Sell Set-top Boxes)
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (Consumer electronics including computer/telephony)
Scientific Atlantic (Major producer of Set-top Boxes & related technologies)
SeaChange International (Delivers movies, ads, etc to 30,000+ channels worldwide)
Seagate Technologies (A provider of Set-top storage solutions)
Sega_Dreamcast(High-speed online console gaming network)
Sejin America (Builds Web TV wireless keyboards)
SGI(Builds hardware for set-tops)
Sharp Corp. (Digital TVs, electronic components, audio/video & home appliances)
Sichuan Changhong Electric Co. Ltd. (China`s largest color TV manufacturer)
Siemens Corp. (Makes set-tops primarily for the European market)
Sigma Designs® (Hardware for streaming media, videoconferencing, VOD)
Silicon Image (Semiconductor solutions for high-speed digital communications)
Sony Consumer Electronics Company (Multimedia products with ITV ramifications)
Spatializer Audio Laboratories (Audio for OEM manufacturers & consumer electronics)
Spyglass Inc. (Set-top, browser, ITV platform & more)
Stellar One Corp. (End-to-end TV-based broadband entertainment services)
STMicroelectronics (Semiconductors - Integrated circuits manufacturer for STBs)
Sun CTG (Sun {Microsystems} Consumer Technologies Group)
Tatung Co. (Manufacturer of electronics, home appliances/ industrial equipment)
TcomNet(Hardware/software/Middleware including VOD & Web TV Set-tops)
Teknema("Internet TV" products for POTS & broadband)
Telecruz (Semiconductors - Embedded technology platform for integrated ITV)
Telelynx (Taiwanese - hardware, including Set-tops for Wireless Cable & Pay-TV)
TELEMANN (Satellite Internet access; also Set-top Boxes & related software)
TeraLogic(Semiconductors - Hardware/software/platforms & more for ITV & DTV)
Thinking Pictures (Makers of multimedia-enhancing software and hardware)
Thomcast Communications Inc. (Major digital & related hardware supplier)
Thomson Multimedia (Partnering with Microsoft with ITV)
Toshiba America Consumer Products, Inc. (Manufacturer of ITV related products)
TriGem Computer Inc. (Makes Set-top Boxes)
TVIA(Designs, develops, and markets integrated circuits for STBs & more.)
TVPC(Offers an Entertainment PC which runs on Windows 98)
UniView Technologies (Makes Set-top Boxes)
Vestel USA Inc. (An Internet appliances manufacturer/provider)
ViAlta.com(ESS Technology) Multi-media Internet appliance products/applications)
Videocon(Manufactures Set-top Boxes & TVs with built in ITV capacity)
Virata (Chips & software for high speed internet access)
VisionTech(Set-top Boxes, PVRs, Personal TV etc. hardware)
Web2U(Web-to-TV Internet access systems)
Western Digital (Large computer & related storage solutions provider)
Wink Communications (Develops services & tools for interactive programming)
Wind River Systems Inc (Manufacturer of ITV related products & more)
Worldwide Interactive Systems (Motorola digital/analog concern)
Zapex Research) (Designs and produces digital video chips and software)
Zenith Electronics (Advanced consumer electronics)
ZiLOG (Digital television controllers and single chip modems for Set-top Boxes)


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