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Hier Bio Treat Technology:

Bio-Treat Technology Limited is a pioneer in the use of biotechnology for waste and wastewater treatment in the PRC.

Through our strong R&D team of researchers, Bio-Treat has successfully developed a proprietary application of biological processes to wastewater treatment called the BMS Biological Process Technology.

Since our first trial in 1993, the BMS Biological Process Technology has been applied to over 500 wastewater treatment projects in the PRC - from residential to commercial and municipal projects.

The wastewater treated by our BMS Biological Process Technology meets the effluent standards set out by the State and local Environmental Protection Administration in the PRC.

Our strict adherence to the highest standard of quality has earned us the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications for our manufacturing process and environmental management system respectively.

und das ist Bio treat environmental, llc
Bio treat environmental, llc is a biotechnology company in the usa provides all-natural formulas that can be used to safely clean up organic pollutants in the environment, and to continue research and development to further this achievement.

BMS ist die Technologie von Bio-Treat Technology! Bei der von dir genannten Firma ist die Vorgehensweise sehr sehr ungenau! Unternehmenszweck: Umwelt verbessern ;)
aus der Diskussion: BioTreat Technology - chinesischer Wasseraufbereitungswert mit Zukunft !!!
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