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Ich will ja hier die sehr schöne und interessante Diskussion nicht stören. Aber es gibt mal wieder Neuigkeiten bei Met@box USA:

Weiter geht`s unter http://www.metaboxusa.com...

The Metabox Difference

A modular approach. The meta1000 has been designed from the ground up to provide the maximum flexibility. Each Meta1000 can be custom configured to the systems operators needs with a choice of MPEG-2 modules, RAM amount, DVD player, Internal Hard Drive and Internet connection port. By taking a modular approach to Set Top Box design Metabox understands that each systems operator has unique business, customer, regulatory and technical needs.

A Real Time proprietary operating system. Everyone is concerned about security. End users, system operators, e-tailers and content providers are all concerned about security on the World Wide Web. Metabox is able to address these concerns because the meta1000 uses the Met@RTOS, a real time operating system developed exclusively by and for Metabox. Not only was the Met@RTOS designed with security in mind, but because of its proprietary nature it is several orders of magnitude more difficult to tamper with than other Operating Systems found on other Set Top Boxes (many of which are variants of operating systems used by personal computers.)

Ease of use. Everything about the Meta1000 has been developed to allow the end user experience to be as easy and enjoyable as possible. An excellent example is the Meta1000 remote control, because the remote has a keyboard that swings out when needed and folds back into the remote when no longer required, there are no clunky keyboards to get in the way or lose. The build in PIP (picture in picture) capacity and video overlay feature make switching between television viewing and browsing the Internet a snap. With the meta1000`s support of advanced multimedia feature such as MHP(multimedia home platform), the end user is transported into an exciting viewing expedience enhanced by compelling interactive TV content.

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