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Nur um mal wieder kurz zur eigentlichen Threadüberschrift zurückzukommen. Es tat sich wieder was:
Diesmal zwar etwas versteckter, aber ich hab`s doch gefunden ;-)

Take a tour of the ground breaking Metabox 1000 remote:

The Meta1000 remote control

Like the rest of the meta1000, the remote control has been designed with the needs of the end user in mind. It has the functionality of a normal remote, but when the user wants to compose e-mail or participate in a chat session the remote swings open to reveal a full-featured keyboard.

Full featured remote.
Complete keyboard for e-mail or chat.
Intuitive, easy to use short-cut keys

With the keyboard and remote integrated together end users no longer have to worry about the inconviece of a seperate remotes and keyboard.
The Meta1000 remote has been designed to be a snap to use. The simple to understand short cut keys, make navigating Program Guides for TV viewng or surfing the World Wide Web equally easy and fun.

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