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Is Online Video Portal GoFish.com the Next YouTube?
Monday February 12, 5:30 am ET

Ant & Sons submits: Is it possible to use Alexa traffic data as a future indicator of the direction of a company's stock price? We think so, as long as the company's success is derived from the amount of traffic it receives on its site. Take GoFish Corp. as an example, a publicly-traded online video company that is ranked in the top ten of all online video sites. GoFish's Alexa data for the site's reach rose from 780.5 to 1,845 users per million in just little over a month. How can we confirm that the traffic at GoFish has increased to justify the Alexa ranking? Take the company's word for it. In a recent press release, the company subtly mentioned that it has now built a community of nearly 6 million monthly unique visitors. In December when we last reported on the stock, GoFish had nearly 2.5 million visitors a month

Recently, the company has signed numerous content license agreements, not solely relying on user generated content, to build its online video collection. GoFish has also signed an alliance with Kaleidoscope Sports and Entertainment LLC, to build exposure of the brand and increase advertiser awareness. The company hopes to take advantage of the industry norm of charging a rate of $25 per thousand impressions for ads shown before the playing of its videos.

The stock has risen from $4.37 in early December to yesterday's close of $5.63, a nice 22% rise, but hardly reflective of the tremendous traffic growth and potential for that traffic to be monetized. GoFish has a market cap of just around $130 million. More should be known about the company's results and further growth potential when it gives a presentation at Merriman Curhan Ford & Co.'s IP Video Conference on Tuesday and when it reports quarterly results.

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