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DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

Introduction: DSL is a method of using the existing phone line infrastructure to support high speed data connections. There are two important facts to bear in mind in any discussion of DSL: first, DSL as mentioned uses telephone lines, and second DSL is very sensitive to the distance between the customer and the telco central office.

ADSL: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. A DSL connection where the majority of the loop capacity is devoted to the download stream as opposed to the upload stream. Thus, data downloads at a much higher rate (Asymmetric) than it uploads. Can be used with the same lines that carry analog voice.
DSALM: DSL Access Multiplexor: The equipment in the central office provides the interface between the DSL modems and the ISP.
HDSL: High data-rate Digital SubscriberLine. A T-1 transceiver. Data uploads and downloads at the same rate. Cannot share lines with analog voice.
POTS: Plain Old Telephone Service. Analog voice service.
VDSL: Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line. A very high data rate DSL.

An example of ADSL access

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