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Dauphin Introduces OraLynx Broadband Set-Top Box at Comdex/Fall 2000
Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Dauphin Introduces OraLynx Broadband Set-Top Box at Comdex/Fall 2000 LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 14, 2000--Dauphin Technology Inc. (OTC.BB: DNTK) introduced their advanced OraLynx(TM) Broadband set-top box at this year`s Comdex/Fall 2000, in Las Vegas, Nevada today. The OraLynx(TM) STB unit, based on OrasisĀ® technology, represents Dauphin`s emergence into a rapidly growing sector of broadband communications. The capabilities of the OraLynx(TM) STB range from web surfing to video on demand, as well as remote access to the STB from around the house or around the world. Reaction to OraLynx(TM), the new set-top box, exceeded company expectations. Interest from several broadband providers, including private network providers and a wireless broadband provider, has been high. Additionally, strategic conversations with network device marketers may provide another sales channel or private label opportunities. Dauphin plans to initially market two OraLynx(TM) set-top boxes; a standard model designed to meet the specifications of a EU client and a second, higher-end model, which was introduced at the Comdex Show. The high-end model supports xDSL, fiber and cable interfaces. Other capabilities include Internet access, telephony, email, voice over IP, video conferencing and Video on Demand (VoD) using a high speed MPEG-2 decoder. It will also be capable of controlling office and home environments including heating/cooling, lighting and control of smart appliances. Both OraLynx(TM) STBs can be deployed as a single user Internet access box or a multiple user residential/commercial telecommunications gateway. The Company recently demonstrated the high-end OraLynx(TM) STB to their EU client. After seeing the capabilities of the high-end model, the EU client elected to include it in a current project. Quantities and pricing for the high-end model are currently under negotiation. The client also expressed its interest to market both models to other potential customers in Europe and countries of the former Soviet Union. ``Our client`s overwhelming excitement and enthusiasm for the prototype set-top box only further validates our ability to develop new technology,`` commented Kostas Arhos, Chief Technology Officer. ``Dauphin is once again creating technology and innovation for global use,`` he continued. Dauphin Technology, Inc., a Palatine, Illinois based technology company with facilities in McHenry, Illinois, and Schaumburg, Illinois, develops and markets broadband communication products and hand-held, pen-based computers, including its flagship product, the OrasisĀ®. For additional information, please visit Dauphin Technology, Inc.`s web site at www.dauphintech.com. Certain matters discussed in this news release are forward-looking statements involving certain risks and uncertainties including, without limitations, changes in product demand, the availability of products, change in competition, economic conditions, various risks due to changes in market conditions and other risks detailed in the Company`s Securities and Exchange Commission filings and reports.
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