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Arrowhead Research Says Its Subsidiaries Will Present Data On Two New Anticancer Therapies - Update [ARWR]

4/16/2007 5:10:27 PM Arrowhead Research Corp. (ARWR), a nanotechnology company, on Monday announced that two of its majority owned subsidiaries, Insert Therapeutics, Inc. and Calando Pharmaceuticals will present data on two anticancer therapies currently under development using a new delivery system called Cyclosert at the 2007 American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting.

The company stated that Cyclosert is the first nanoparticle drug transport platform designed to overcome limitations in existing technologies used for transport of therapeutics to target sites within the body. The system is designed to keep the drugs non-toxic until they actually reach the targeted tumor cells where the active drug is released in a controlled manner. Cyclosert promotes the ability of cytotoxic drugs to inhibit the growth of human cancer cells while remaining non-toxic and non-immunogenic at therapeutic doses.

Arrowhead is developing in collaboration with German-based R&D Biopharmaceuticals a potent anticancer agent called tubulysin A. It is highly active against many types of cancer cells, but used by itself is highly toxic. By combining it with the Cyclosert transport system, researchers are aiming to make it non-toxic while preserving its antitumor activity.

Calando's Chief Scientific Officer, Jeremy Heidel, will present data from animal studies using the Cyclosert system augmented by Calando's own proprietary technology. Calando is developing a type of ribonucleic acid or ‘RNA' called small interfering RNA, or siRNA, for anticancer use. In the tests, this siRNA-containing formulation, using Cyclosert as a delivery system, showed significant antitumor activity and was well tolerated, the company added.

"Based on this data, we are very optimistic as we move closer to an IND (investigational new drug) filing later this year." said John Petrovich, Calando's chief executive officer.

Both the drugs are in the development stage.

ARWR closed Monday's trading at $5.4500, up $0.1410 on a volume of 255K shares.
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