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Hallo!!!!!!! Primacom!!!!!! Ihr Schnarchsäcke. So etwas will ich endlich auch einmal von euch lesen. OK. Nichts für ungut. Legt euch wieder hin.

Newsweek über AOL - Time Warner. Die zeigen, wo es langgeht.

"Tampa showcases the benefits to be reaped from plying longtime customers with seductive new services. Digital-cable service debuted there in 1999. Today 160,000 of its 900,000 cable customers have signed up, adding about $8 to their monthly cable bill. More than 100,000 have Road Runner (Internet Zugang). But the biggest early success has been the rollout of I-Control, or video on demand. VOD serves up about 100 movies available at any time. The cost ranges from 95 cents for older movies to $3.95 for recent hits like "The Per-fect Storm" (Time Warner is trying to cut deals with Hollywood studios to ensure a steady flow ofpopular films to expand VOD this year). Ptak orders as many as five a month, though she has spurned pay-per-view. "You have to watch those at a certain time" she says. "On video on demand, you can start it whenever you want. "
In nearby Pinellas Park, Nicole Mayes, 28, is hooked on VOD, which she signed up for six months ago. Since then her monthly cable bill has swelled to $130 from less than $40. "I rent a movie about every night," she says.
Up north in Maine, Time Warner`s cable crew has become a formidable selling machine. That`s a remarkable transformation for the cable company`s work force, which was once largely confined to taking customer orders and installing plain-vanilla cable-TV service. To help get Road Runner off to a strong start in Portland, Time Warner retrained its installers, along with everyone from customer-service representatives to warehouse workers and receptionists. "If any of our employees were in the grocery store and overheard someone talking about the product, they could answer any ques-tions on the spot" says Tom Kenny, the Maine cable boss. The efforts continue to pay huge dividends for now, with demand continuing to soar. As in rlhmpa, customers are captivated by the new, enhanced TV offerings. Almost 4,500 households pay $99 a month for a package that includes not only the blizzard of channels, but also Road Runner, premium channels and an array of music channels. Time Warner has dubbed the package Your Digital Home.
Now the company is plotting to use the cable pipes to storm the multibillion-dollar phone business. Time Warner Cable has tapped the Portland operation for a test of its so-called Internet-telephone services. As a user surfs the Net over gold Runner and watchês digtal television, he makes a phone call to a buddy across town -all over a single cable line. That`s not possible for the vast majority of people who connect to the Net over a traditional phone line. (ADSL, Anm.) The cable-based phone service allows customers to avoid the hassle and expense of adding a second line."
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