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[posting]31749021[/posting]Innovative Energy Stocks: This Tiny Energy Company Will Undercut Electric Utilities With the First No-Fuel "Power Plant"
A Taipan Financial News Research Report
by Christian DeHaemer, Editor, Red Zone Profits
September 20, 2007
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During the next 22 days a tiny electricity maverick plans to announce the location of its first no-fuel "power plant." I've never seen anything like it...

The plant doesn't burn oil, coal or natural gas – or use uranium or solar panels. Instead, it runs from electricity that it pulls off the grid when demand is low, then resells the stored power at a premium during peak hours when utilities need it most.

In short, it could produce the highest profit margins in the history of the utility industry.

The company already has the backing of the Department of Energy, the State of New York, the California Energy Commission and other heavy hitters.

Even though its been a well-kept secret for years, a new piece of market intelligence reveals that something big is imminent: Company insiders snapped up 1.8 million shares of the stock since July 6, 2007 – shelling out more than $3.5 million of their own money.

In fact, I believe the company could crush these five superstars that saw huge run-ups after energy deregulation in 1992:

Exelon up 1,049%
TXU up 1,766%
Ameren up 64.1%
American Electric Power up 259.9%
Avista up 1,679%

I would hate for anybody to have missed those kinds of gains. After all, if you invested $5,000 in Exelon in 1992, you'd have $52,450 today.

Well, I’m writing you today about an even better opportunity.

Get in now on this $1.50 energy company and, in two years, your $5,000 could grow into $61,650. Go for $25,000 and you could become a genuine millionaire after five years with your potential return hitting $1,191,500.

Let me show you how to parlay this $1.50 stock into lasting wealth. Let's start with the new electricity plant. There's not a single chimney on it. That's because the plant uses no natural gas, coal or oil. There are no turbines, generators or boilers.

Innovative Energy Stocks: Gains From 100% Clean Energy
CO2 emissions, greenhouse gasses and noxious particulates are dramatically reduced. The science behind this plant is amazing. The whole thing runs on momentum, meaning that the machine's finely balanced weight keeps it going.

But momentum isn't enough when it comes to electricity. For that, you have to look at kinetic energy – a proven principle used by electric locomotives.

Locomotives derive their energy from either the tracks or overhead power lines. But when the brakes are applied, the friction around the wheels is converted into electricity that replenishes the energy source... and that's a lot of electricity when you consider the momentum of a 100-ton locomotive.

Now picture that same principle applied to the national power grid. By using momentum, this system is able to draw and store energy from the grid, and then return it when demand starts to climb – when the company can get a higher price for the electricity.

The results of this breakthrough are so astounding that it can, in fact, revolutionize the energy industry – and in ways that could be highly profitable for investors who get in early.

You see, to make the most profit as an electricity supplier, you have to fine-tune your load requirements to the national grid. Those requirements are constantly changing – depending on the weather, time of day, and the overall load of the grid.

The faster an electricity provider can respond to the changes, the more efficiently it operates... and the more profit it can post to the bottom line.

Innovative Energy Stocks: The One-Second Principle
When this new plant comes online as scheduled next April, it will be so incredibly efficient that it can start bringing in revenue almost immediately. That's because the system developed by this $1.50 company can swap electricity with the national grid in only one second – a feat directly tied to its lack of fossil fuel.

The one-second response time makes it 5,900% faster than a fossil-fuel turbine, 11,900% faster than a natural gas turbine, and a world apart from nuclear energy – which can take hours to power up and down in response to grid fluctuations.

The breathtaking response time of this system is the catalyst for your potential 4,633% gain.

Don't let opportunities like this pass you by...
Sign up for Red Zone Profits NOW!

Or, if you prefer to do business by phone, call us Monday-Friday,
9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EST, at
1-877-465-1416.By reacting so quickly to the demands of the national grid, this company has scored two important advances:

It can completely dominate the energy auctions of a deregulated industry, and...
It can help prevent widespread blackouts.
In addition to giving this company an enormous advantage in wholesale spot auctions for electricity, the one-second response time can make a significant difference in saving the country from devastating blackouts. Remember the Northeast blackout of August 14, 2003?

Well, let me show you how one second could've made a critical difference in preventing it.

Innovative Energy Stocks: What Happened at 4:10 p.m.
As you'll see, the blackout started from a chain of events that lasted only two minutes. According to system logs, a massive power fluctuation hit in the transmission grid at 4:10 p.m. EDT.

Over the next two minutes, the initial surge triggered outages that spread to Cleveland, Akron, Toledo, New York City, Baltimore, Buffalo, Albany, Detroit, and parts of New Jersey.

Within five minutes from that initial surge, blackouts swept across New York City, New Jersey, Vermont, Connecticut, and most of Southern and Northeastern Ontario, including Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Kingston, Sudbury, Kitchener, London, and Windsor.

The blackout covered an area of roughly 9,300 square miles – shutting down 287 power plants, affecting 40 million people and causing financial losses estimated at $6 billion.

There you have it: a widespread outage could be averted if a producer has the technology to quickly inject electricity into the grid... and this is why leading experts have endorsed the company.

It won the backing of the Department of Energy, the State of New York and the California Energy Commission because of its super-fast performance.

Plus, an interconnection giant that organizes the energy market in 13 states has gone on the record as confirming that the technology developed by this $1.50 company "can help prevent wide-area blackouts."

Innovative Energy Stocks: 24 Months to 1,233%
So now this company is starting to make sense, right?

Those two-year potential gains of 1,233%...

Three-year potential gains of 3,233%...

Four-year potential gains of 4,166%...

And that huge potential windfall of 4,633% that could turn $5,000 into $231,650. The story behind this company gets sweeter by the minute...

But before I get too far ahead of myself, allow me to make a quick introduction.

My name is Chris DeHaemer, editor of Red Zone Profits. I spent the early part of my career careening around the world in search of profit opportunities for the Taipan Financial Group. I sought out undervalued bargains in Eastern Europe in the aftermath of the Soviet Union's collapse, and made a killing after the maiming of the Asia Tigers.

Innovative Energy Stocks: 10 Winners
By focusing on emerging economies in Latin America, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, I mastered the talent for identifying undervalued, high-potential small-cap stocks. The recommendation portfolios I manage include...

Railpower, a pioneer in hybrid locomotive, up 148.9%.
PalmSource, the maker of wireless handheld devices, a gain of 515.3%.
Companhia Vale de Rio Doce, a shipping and mining company in Brazil, up 99.3%.
Electronics maker Rambus, a gain of 88.4%.
Solidere, a Mid-Eastern construction company, a gain of 140.3%.
Galton Biometrics, a 140% gain.
Simulations Plus, a software company used in pharmaceutical research, up 115.6%.
Evergreen Solar, a gain of 362%.
Aastrom Bioscience, a gain of 302.1%.
And much, much more.
At Red Zone, I issue a buy recommendation after every one else has left the stock for dead. The momentum guys are a fickle bunch and will flee after a few months. I look for fundamental value, massive growth potential and a great-looking chart...

...Just like the one for this $1.50 energy maverick:

Now, my forecasts show that the last bounce you see in the chart should keep on going up – giving you time for that projected 4,633% gain.

And it's going to start within the next 45 days, when the company announces its new plant.

Innovative Energy Stocks: $10.6 Million in the Bank
The money for it is already in place. The company secured a $10.6-million round of financing earmarked for its first kinetic-energy plant. And when it comes on line, it could rewrite the playbook on Big Energy – and go on to make you 4,633%, as my forecast indicates. In fact, I'll lay out my own game plan for you in a moment on the gains you could see over the next two-to-five years.

But just let me spend a moment on deregulation... so you can see how this company could give your portfolio a huge boost. You know the sticker shock you feel when you open your electricity bill? Blame it on deregulation.

In East St. Louis, IL, the electric bill for a modest three-bedroom home increased from $172 in January of this year to $1,024.31 two months later.

Baltimore consumers suffered a 50% hike after rate caps were lifted in June.

Parts of Ohio also saw a 50% jump.

After California became the first state to deregulate its energy market in the mid-1990s, rates shot up 50% higher than the national average.

Millions of other Americans are reeling from the impact of electricity deregulation.


Because the politicians got it all wrong...

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 was supposed to lower prices through sharper competition. Instead, the monthly bills increased in many of the states that lifted rate caps from their utilities. While average prices rose 21% in regulated states from 2002 to 2006, they jumped 36% in deregulated states, according to the Institute of Public Utilities at Michigan State University.

Sure, you can talk about soaring fossil-fuel prices during that time. After all, natural gas more than tripled. Even coal jumped 70%. But when it comes to the controversy around deregulation, just about everyone agrees the real culprit is the wholesale-power spot auction system – controlled by a predatory cartel that rivals OPEC.

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Innovative Energy Stocks: Lightning Fast
And that’s exactly where this $1.50 company comes into play.

Competitive power markets are based on bids by generators into a single market, generally on an hourly basis. Power plants in Texas offer electricity in 15-minute intervals to the auction. They choose their offer prices, which range from less than $100 per megawatt-hour to as high as $1,000 per megawatt-hour. So this same company that has the one-second response time capable of averting widespread blackouts... can also respond to computer-generated bids faster than anyone else out there.

It can trade energy at lightning speed. That means it could easily be first to market with the lowest bid – while maintaining a high profit margin.

Compare that to competitors dependent on fossil-fuel generators. They're subject to increasing fuel prices, rampant maintenance costs and systems that are much slower to respond.

Bottom line: This $1.50 company could undercut every electricity provider in the world.

When the company's new plant comes online next year, it can immediately start buying and selling of power across the public grid – faster, better and cheaper than its competitors. So how can this all play out for you?

Let's revisit the five energy companies whose stocks soared after deregulation in 2002:

Exelon up 1,049%
TXU up 1,766%
Ameren up 64.1%
American Electric Power up 259.9%
Avista up 1,679%
All of these companies have energy trading divisions that helped drive up profits. It's a similar business model to this $1.50 energy provider. Bear in mind that this company has a market value $101 million – so you can see the kind of explosive growth I predict:

Within the next two years, this $1.50 company should match or exceed the performance of Avista (NYSE: AVA).

AVA has a market value of $1 billion and currently trades for around $20 – giving you a potential two-year gain of 1,233%.

By the third year, this $1.50 company should match or exceed the performance of Ameren (NYSE: AEE).

With a market value of $10 billion, AEE currently trades for around $50.00 – giving you a potential three-year gain of 3,233%.

Fourth-year gains should match the performance of TXU. It has a market value of $29.6 billion and now trades in the $64.00 range. If I'm correct, you could see a gain that year of 4,166%.

Between years four and five, I expect the stock to jump 400% – bringing it on par with Exelon (NYSE: EXC). As I write this, EXC has a market value of $48.6 billion and trades for about $71.00 – and there's your 4,633% projected gain.

I'll be happy to provide you with full details about this $1.50 company – including its name and symbol – in a FREE SPECIAL REPORT that I've prepared for you.

Innovative Energy Stocks: Why Red Zone Works
The report is just one of the many benefits you'll receive as a Red Zone member.

Red Zone Profits combines technical and fundamental analysis to identify high-profit-potential – and sometimes very high-profit-potential – companies before the Wall Street pack can sink its teeth into them. By getting in before everyone else, you are virtually assured of the lowest possible stock price with the highest degree of safety.

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Look at the yearly cumulative gains you could've had out of Red Zone Profits...

2002 up 531%...
2003 up 2,578%...
2004 up 1,756%...
2005 up 1,432%...
2006 up 2,923%...
Between 2002 and 2006, my Red Zone team closed out positions on 421 recommendations – putting you at one to two great picks a week.

Innovative Energy Stocks: How You Missed Gains of 9,220%
Your total gain during those five years – counting every single pick, losers included – could've been 9,220%.

So, in addition to the opportunity for that projected gain of 4,633% on this tiny energy maverick, you could over the same five years also have the opportunity to accumulate gains of 9,220%.

You have to admit, you'd be hard-pressed to find better returns – at any price.

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Innovative Energy Stocks: 10 Minutes Later
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Members are already up 479.75% on closed positions for 2007 so far. And, if the rest of the year does only half as well, you're still far ahead.

But I'm sure we'll have another great year. And why not? The average cumulative gain over the past five years is 1,844%. And the worst of them was back in 2002 (a bad year for everyone), when Red Zone Profits gained 531%.

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Towards a profitable future together,

Christian DeHaemer

Red Zone Profits
Information as of: August 29, 2007

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