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Subject: Talk to mr. Donahoo Pr-Manager of PTSH 10/16/2007 6:44:01 AM

Yesterday one of our Members has made a phonecall to Mr. Donahoo he asked him several things about PTSH, we thought you all maybe want to take part on that:

Member: Mr. Donahoo, sir could you please explain us why the sharprice of PTSH is so terrible low?

Mr. Donahoo: I´am sorry but there is nothing bad to report about PTSH!

Member: Mr Donahoo, sir is there a reversal split coming soon?

Mr. Donahoo: I´ve got no information about a reversal split by mr. Chin.

Member: Mr Donahoo, sir when can we calculate with the next quarter numbers ( q 3)?

Mr. Donahoo: The numbers will come in the next few weeks!

Member: Mr. Donahoo, Sir there is a lot of insecurity because of the low information flow by ptsh, when can we expect an new pr that gives inquirity of the current business situation?

Mr. Donahoo: I got no official information about the next Pr but i think there will be a pr with the next quarter numbers ( q 3 ).

Member: Mr Donahoo, sir when will you talk to mr chin?

Mr. Donahoo: Currently mr. chin is abroad / ( The member told me he thought he would understand that mr chin is in canada )

Our community is of the opinion that "maybe" mr chin is doing business abroad we also think that big news are close!!!



Also habs mal so übersetzt und denke das passt so...
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