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das könnte die rettung sein, nur wozu zählen foreign operations?? zertifikate??

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Lehman Brothers was in talks for a deal to sell parts of the company to Barclays Plc with the potential for an agreement to be reached as early as Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported on its Web site on Monday night.

Citing unnamed people briefed on the discussions, the WSJ said Lehman executives were at the company's New York headquarters trying to create a plan that would preserve many jobs and operations of Lehman whose holding company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday.

A Lehman representative declined comment on the report. A U.S. representative for Barclays was not immediately available for comment.

The deal under discussion would fold Lehman's core business -- underwriting stocks and bonds, providing merger advice, and securities trading -- into Barclays, UK's third-largest bank, according to the Journal.

But the deal was not certain and questions remained such as the price Barclays might pay and what would become of Lehman's toxic mortgage-security and real estate assets, the report said.

Barclays was not expected to take on Lehman's foreign operations, which have been growing in recent years in both Europe and Asia, according to the Journal.
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