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Fitch Assigns 'CCC/RR4' to Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. Senior Debt

Recovery ratings for LBHI were assigned based on an evaluation of the consolidated balance sheet, adjusting for potential sales and asset reductions in an orderly wind down. Analysis includes adjustments to assets based on third-quarter 2008 earnings announcements and assumes netting of derivatives and terminations were accomplished. A range of discounts was applied to asset values assuming sales will be conducted in a distressed market; however, a present value discount was not applied. An expected recovery range between 30% and 50% resulted in an 'RR4' assigned to senior debt. There is no recovery expected for subordinated or preferred debt and therefore, an 'RR6' has been assigned. The same Recovery Ratings are applied to Lehman Brothers Holdings plc, an interim holding company.

aus der Diskussion: Lehman Brothers Chapter 11 -> Auswirkung(en) auf deren Zertifikate
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