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myfinances.co.uk: UK Lehman Brothers victims face £200m losses
Investors, including many pensioners, who put cash in supposedly safe structured investment products, including ISAs, sold by financial advisors – supposedly guaranteeing returns and initial capital – have discovered the funds but were held by Lehman Brothers in the Netherlands.
"Four firms sold products and people suffering now believed they were very very safe," said Peter Howard, who is heading the action group Spirited.
"The average age of people losing out was 65 and some are in their 70s. One is 90. They all thought they were buying safe products.
"They thought they were buying British-based investments – and it turns out they were at Lehman Brothers in Holland."
Hope is coming that the case may follow the line taken by precipice bonds, and what is already happening in Hong Kong, where companies selling the investments are having to buy them back.
Any investors who have lost out should contact Peter Howard at spiritedawaybylehmans@hotmail.com
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