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Logrosán aspires to have one of the solar majors plants of the world

The Council of Environment gives green light to the project of Abengoa
In principle 150 megavatios are contemplated, but the 400 could be reached
The race to construct the greater solar plant of the world has a new competitor. Solaben is called, will have its home in Logrosán and finishes receiving the approval of Environment.

At first, it will have an installed power of 150 megavatios, that triples the one of the majority of the plants greater than they are being constructed at present. But, if the initial plans of the promoter are fulfilled, the Abengoa sevillana, could be reached the 400. If it is arrived at this number, would be without the greatest discussion of the world.

Of periodic form, they appear announcements of new solar facilities that arrogan the right of being recognized like the majors. Nevertheless, not always it is thus. Besides exaggerations, always it appears later another initiative that aspires to it. Only in Extremadura, at least three parks have deserved that name: those of Trujillo, Opening and Don Alvaro.

Also it influences the fact that there are innumerable categories: photovoltaic, termosolares (technically they are thermoelectrial), of tower, an axis, two…

It seems that there is certain consensus in that the greatest plant of those than is working in the world is called SEGS (initial of Paving to Energy Generating Systems), and it is in the Californian desert of Mojave. One really is not about a single plant, but nine that remains together and that adds 354 megavatios of installed power. To much distance it appears in this ranking “Snow-covered Lot 1”, that also is in the United States. “Only” it has 63 megavatios.

In Seville

Of that they are in construction, it emphasizes the Solucar project mainly. It promotes the own Abengoa and the Major is located in the Sevillan locality of Sanlúcar. According to the data contributed by the company, it will be a platform that will combine several types of generation, which together they will add nothing less than 300 megavatios. 50 of them will work from tower technology and other 250 will be obtained from parabolic collectors cylindrical. 1,2 megavatios will produce the photovoltaic technology and 80 kilowatts from technology Stirling disc.

It is predicted that its construction finishes in 2013 and will provide electricity for 153,000 homes. One calculates that it avoids the emission of 185,000 tons annual of carbon dioxide, a total of 4 million tons during his life utility. It will cost 1200 million and it will occupy an area of 800 hectares.

With all these antecedents, it seems clear that the project of Logrosán is formed like one of most important of the planet. The past Friday, the Official Newspaper of Extremadura (DOE) published the declaration of environmental impact of Solaben 1, 2 and 3.

Like in the case of California, they are three plants that administratively are separated but that really they work together. This is thus due to the legal limit that does not allow plants of more than 50 megavatios.

Altogether, they will occupy 626 hectares of land, that comes to be the equivalent of 1,200 football grounds, and in principle the total investment will go up to around the 440 million Euros. An approximate calculation allows to venture that it will generate an amount of electrical energy sufficient to supply to a number of homes that oscillates between the 70,000 and the 90.000.

The facilities are of technology to termosolar, that as a rule are greater than the photovoltaic ones and are living now their authentic expansion.

Besides the solar panels, the project also includes systems of heat storage, boilers of combustion, power stations of generation, substation of transformation and the line of evacuation of 400 kilowatts.

Up to eight

But to it seems, this is only the beginning. According to Isabel Villa, mayoress of the locality, the project contemplates a total of eight plants, although at the moment the three are only safe whose procedure has begun.

With time, one hopes that the other five begin. Therefore, the final power can reach the 400 megavatios, more than the mythical installation of California. “Having many together plants one is able to increase the yield, since they can optimize infrastructures and the costs”, it assures Villa.

By that same reason, one will make sure that the 450 jobs that are hoped to create maintain throughout five years. Once concluded works, the promoter assures that other 50 uses of indefinite character for the maintenance and later monitoring of the facilities will be generated.

But still he can come more. Other two companies exist that are interested in raising to other four plants termosolares, but it is ideas to more long term. Also in portfolio it remains the idea to construct a biomass plant.

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