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Man Glaubt es nicht sogar Analysten empfehlen schon Tower


Tower is planning a new Albertine exploration well in February 2010 with the potential for a 100mm barrel discovery. A 30mm barrel discovery would, however, be commercial.

The Avivi-1 well planned for February is in an area of deeper and thicker sedimentation than Iti-1 and is on a migration fairway
about 80km north of the large discoveries in Blocks 1 and 2. Results should be known by late February.

Offshore Namibia: A new frontier zone Tower has a 15% stake in three offshore blocks about 200km from the Namibian coast. Seismic studies have revealed four very large sedimentary structures that
could collectively contain approaching 10bn barrels recoverable.
Sintezneftegaz’s Kunene gas discovery in 2009 has stimulated interest in the new Namibian frontier

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