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Just did more puzzling over their drill language on Almaden's Web site:
Read their section on epithermal gold deposits. This explains what this Ixtaca prospect is.
They just finished hole assays for #6.
Pending are assays for holes #7, 8, 9 which are guiding their search for base of funnel.
Holes #10, and #11 are presently underway.
The way I interpret this is that 7, 8 and 9 holes gave them more info about where base may be. These holes may not be very good results.
Holes #10 and #11 are collared at the same location with slightly different dips and have a good chance of long hits and high grades of being very close to base of funnel; see their alignment on their drill plan.
Therefore, I am buying more AAU, AMM.to
Almaden Minerals (AAU, AMM.to), 2nd press release indicates the target has grown larger. But we already knew that; in understanding that their discovery is shaped like a funnel. Of course the lower grades and wider areas are at the top of funnel. Let the others look for deposit expansion. We are looking for the high grades! It will take some time and more holes to find the source, ie: the base of the funnel, which should be of very high grades.
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