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AUGUST 7, 2001


Best Bets in Biotech
They`ll depend on your personal risk tolerance, says Tanager Capital`s Ira Leiderman, who has some well formed opinions on the sector

Companies with vaccines and treatments for HIV and AIDS are among the biotech avenues to explore for investment, according to Ira Leiderman, managing director for the life-sciences sector of Tanager Capital Group. He also lists the humanization of monoclonal antibodies and drug-targeting among the technologies to watch.

For developments in AIDS, he cites Vaxgen and Progenics as two companies he likes. For more general biotech investing, he suggests established names such as Amgen and Genentech. Then, depending on risk, an investor might try some companies with products but still no profits, and for a really long shot, companies with no approved products yet.

He made these comments in a chat presented Aug. 2 by BusinessWeek Online on America Online. He was replying to questions from the audience and from David Shook and Jack Dierdorff of BW Online. Edited excerpts from the chat follow. A complete transcript of this chat is available from BW Online on AOL, keyword: BW Talk.

Q: The biotech sector is more crowded than it has ever been. Can you give us your formula for picking biotech stocks? Besides products, what kinds of things do you like to see in a biotech/drug-discovery company?
A: Maturity of products, a strong pipeline, good management, as judged by how they execute -- and will they have enough money that will last them until they can get a product to market?


Q:What do you think of Genentech (DNA )?
A:I think Genentech is a good company, but it`s not as exciting as some of the younger, smaller companies.

Q: Ira, among those smaller companies, can you name a few with promising technologies and talk about why you like them?
A: I like Genta (GNTA ). I like Progenics Pharmaceuticals (PGNX ). For an earlier-stage company, Telik (TELK ). And I like XOMA, which has a partnership with Genentech. All of these companies fit the criteria I listed earlier: exciting products, management that`s executing, and a likelihood to get continued funding.

Q: What are some of those exciting products?
A: Progenics, for instance, has exciting HIV programs. Genta has equally exciting anticancer programs. And Telik has an excellent discovery engine that is starting to push products into the clinic. XOMA has exciting products, particularly to treat immune-based disorders.


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