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Und hier der Rest,
rechnet euch selbst den Kurs aus , wenn das stimmt.


Gruß Amada

By: 1looking
Reply To: None Wednesday, 9 Feb 2000 at 4:00 PM EST
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I found this on the Yahoo Message Board for Intel.

Sound like an Intel employee.

""Great Find Rhombic Corp."NUKE"
by: Nelly_Line (48/M)
1/26/00 7:49 am
Msg: 78047 of 80130
Are we jumping the gun with our new plant in Arizona or should we be looking into the future chips under Rhombic`s Diamond Computer Chips... 1000x Faster and
smaller !!! WOW

I Don`t know how to link a web site, but look at there`s www.Rhombic.com
Good Luck All, Long and Strong INTEL..."

By the way, I am in the space/semiconductor business and I know those satellite batteries can sell as much as $500,000 a piece.

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