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Date : 09/27/2001 Time : 11:43
Subject : Samsung Develops 576-M Rambus DRAM

Seoul, Sept. 27 (Yonhap) --Samsung Electronics Co. said Thursday it has
developed the world`s first 576-M DRAM and plans to mass-produce the new
product from the second quarter of 2002.

Samsung applied 0.12 micron processing technology and a "4 bank" structure
to produce the new chip which is far superior in cost competitiveness than
the 256-M DRAM.

The 576-M DRAM will be used largely for high fidelity computers,
workstations, large-sized servers and set-top boxes, Samsung said.

The new product is also suitable for animation video and graphic treatment.

Samsung took up 60 percent share of the world`s Rambus DRAM market during
the first half of this year and plans to achieve sales of US$1 billion worth
of the new product next year. It hopes to boost the sales to $2.5 billion in

Samsung said the development of the new chip will help consolidate its
position in the world`s next-generation Rambus DRAM market.
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