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Spanish LNG operator Enagás said it is improving its LNG tanker loading services and has carried out a series of measures at the company’s LNG plants.

These include the reduction of boil-off losses. According to Enagás, during the latest loadings at the company’s Huelva and Barcelona LNG plants, boil-off losses were reduced to zero.

The company has also made improvements in the loading rate. During the latest loading at the Barcelona plant an average rate of 3,500 m3 LNG/h, was achieved, peaking at 4,000 m3 LNG/h, Enagás added.

Enagás currently operates five of the seven plants in Spain: Barcelona, Cartagena, Huelva, BBG (Bilbao, 40%) and El Musel.

It also co-owns the Altamira regasification plant (Mexico), and is the main shareholder in GNL Quintero terminal (Chile).
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