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"...In this regard, Sernova has agreed on key
terms with the University Health Network of Toronto (UHN) to gain access to worldwide, exclusive
rights to certain patent-pending technologies developed by distinguished UHN researchers, Dr.
Cristina Nostro and Dr. Gordon Keller, for the advancement of glucose-responsive insulin-producing
stem cells for the treatment of patients with insulin-dependent diabetes. Sernova and UHN have
entered into a non-binding Term Sheet with an exclusive negotiation period which outlines the terms
of the definitive license agreement for the granting of an exclusive license to Sernova covering all
patent rights relating to the UHN stem cell technologies including for the treatment of diabetes. A
manufacture and product development program is also being developed. Sernova’s rights to the UHN
stem cell technologies are subject to negotiation and execution of a definitive license agreement with
aus der Diskussion: Sernova – Patentierte Zelltaschen mit Schutzschild gegen die Immunabwehr !
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