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GNCA heute mit einem Update zu den 12 Monatsergebnissen zur P2a. Neben den bereits bekannten Ergebnissen auch mit Ergebnissen zur Immunogenität.

This new analysis found that GEN-003 induced polyfunctional T cells post-immunization that peaked at day 8 and persisted through at least day 50. This data could have important implications for the understanding of how the immune system controls genital herpes infections given that polyfunctional T cells have been linked to the control of HIV and other persistent viral infections. Furthermore, mean IgG titers increased up to 21-fold to ICP4.2 and 8-fold to gD2DTMR and persisted 7- and 3-fold above baseline, respectively, at one year. Mean neutralizing antibody titers increased more than 5-fold and remained more than 2-fold over baseline at one year. These increases in antigen-specific immune response was accompanied by reductions in both viral shedding and genital lesion rates.

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