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AUS HOTCOPPER vom Nov 2016, es gab ein Interview des CEO´´s: I've just listened to a very interesting interview on The Constant Investor (members only unfortunately so cannot post the podcast here).
Alan Kohler, one of Australia's longest serving finance journalists interviewed David Budge for his podcast which has been downloaded to the website this afternoon.
It's a fantastic interview where David discusses the scale of the business, the retail price of the printers, the margins etc, as well as the powder production and other aspects.
The MFP will sell for around $1M on a profit margin of around 75-80%.
The LFP printer will sell for around $5M on a profit margin of 75-80%.
They have fielded serious inquiries from all the major mining companies. Every major mining company has stated that they want to purchase the first LFP and probably many of them. Alan asked David how many SFP he needs to sell per month to be cash flow positive. The answer was 5.
Alan asked how many LFPs he expects to sell and David replied that they expected to sell 100 LFPs in the 1st year and that was very conservative.
The market they expect to gain a share of is in the trillions of dollars per annum!

www.theconstantinvestor.com The podcast is dated November 24 and titled Talking Finance. The interview starts at 20 mins:25 seconds
It costs $1 to join for the 1st month!
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