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Dear Shareholder

LEPIDICO LTD – Pro-Rata Non-Renounceable Entitlement Issue
Lepidico Ltd (Lepidico or the Company) is undertaking a pro-rata non-renounceable
entitlement issue to shareholders of up to 437,634,398 new fully paid ordinary shares (New
Shares) at an issue price of $0.013 each to raise up to approximately $5,689,247, before costs
(Entitlement Issue or Offer).

The Company intends to apply the funds raised under the Offer as follows:

Items of Expenditure $ %

Commencement of DFS activities for the
Phase 1 L-Max\u00ae Plant including certain
exploration activities
3,000,000 52.7

Working capital1 1,000,000 17.6
Other exploration activities 1,654,247 29.1
Expenses of the Offer 35,000 0.6
Total 5,689,247 100
1. Funds allocated to working capital will be used for corporate overheads of the Company,
including listing fees, share registry costs and other administration and obligatory overheads.
The Entitlement Issue will be offered to shareholders registered at the Entitlement Record Date
(as defined below) with a registered address in Australia or New Zealand (Eligible Shareholders)
on the basis of one (1) New Share for every four (4) Shares held.
New Shares will rank equally with all fully paid ordinary shares in the capital of the Company
already on issue.

Following completion of the Offer, the Company will have issued up to approximately
437,634,398 New Shares resulting in total Shares on issue of approximately 2,188,171,989....


SK zum WE............aud 0,015

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