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Release Date: 20/03/17 09:26
Summary: Excellent L-Max Test Results from Pioneer Dome
Price Sensitive: Yes

ASX/Media Announcement
Perth: 20 March 2017
Excellent L-Max\u00ae Test Results from Pioneer Dome
• High specification battery grade lithium carbonate grading 99.7% produced from the third pre-feasibility study test using Lepidico’s L-Max\u00ae technology
• L-Max\u00ae achieves over 93.9% lithium extraction from flotation concentrate, with estimated lithium recovery to final lithium carbonate product of 90%
Exploration at PEG009, Pioneer Dome will commence immediately following receipt of funds from Lepidico’s current Entitlement Offer

aus der Diskussion: Lepidico patentierte hydrometallurgischen L-Max®-Verfahrenstechnik
Autor (Datum des Eintrages): Wunram  (19.03.17 23:59:17)
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