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Cubic to Provide Additional Ground Proximity Warning Systems to U.S. Navy

SAN DIEGO, Mar 5, 2002 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Cubic Defense Systems, a subsidiary
of San Diego-based Cubic Corp. (AMEX: CUB), has received a $2.1 million contract
to provide 81 of its Ground Proximity Warning Systems (GPWS) for use aboard U.S.
Navy helicopters.

Cubic`s Ground Proximity Warning System is an air safety system that can be used
aboard both fixed-wing and helicopter aircraft. The system warns pilots of
"controlled flight into terrain" -- aviation accidents in which pilots
unintentionally fly into the ground or water -- using aural warnings such as
"Pull up!" and "Altitude!"

Cubic is scheduled to begin delivering the new systems in September as part of
this "lot 5" award. To date, Cubic has received $11.2 million in orders from the
U.S. Navy for 401 systems.

Cubic Defense Systems is part of the Cubic Defense Group, which provides
instrumented air and ground combat training systems, battle command training
simulations, and simulation support for U.S. and allied military forces. The
Group also produces high technology avionics, data links and communications
products for government and commercial customers and provides a wide range of
technical and logistics services. The Cubic Transportation Systems Group,
Cubic`s other major segment, designs and manufactures automatic fare collection
systems for public mass transit, including rail and buses throughout the world.
For more information about Cubic, see the company`s Web site at www.cubic.com.
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