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[posting]60455141[/posting]Jon Rappoport -- Bayer and the Ownership of all Life
5/01/2019 02:32:00 PM GMO, History, USA

Bayer and the ownership of all life

In a recent article, I explained how Bayer---with its $66 billion purchase of Monsanto---is "taking one for the team."

The team consists of several biotech giants. Its agenda? The reconfiguring of all life under the rubric of radical genetic manipulation. Bayer aims, long-term, to swallow the universally hated Monsanto whole and make it disappear, as if it never existed. It's called re-writing history. The goal in this case: protection of the evolving reputation of a genetic Brave New World.

Here is a very brief background sketch of Bayer---

After World War 2, the highest ranking scientist on the executive board of IG Farben, the infamous Nazi cartel, Dr. Fritz Ter Meer, was put on trial at Nuremberg. The charges? Mass slavery and murder.

Farben had built a rubber factory at Auschwitz. In fact, it built Auschwitz in order to ensure cheap labor in its adjoining rubber factory. Farben paid the SS to send over inmates every day of the week to work in that factory. Those who were too weak to make it through the day were killed.

Well, for all this, Fritz Ter Meer was given seven years in jail. A pathetic seven years.

...Sixteen years later, on August 1, 1963, the Bayer Corporation was celebrating its hundredth anniversary at Cologne. Big festivities.

The three largest original components of IG Farben---Bayer, Hoechst, and BASF---were back in business and roaring on profit highs. They were now sanitized separate corporations, no longer parts of an official Nazi-aiding IG Farben.

The keynote speaker at the Bayer celebration was the one and only Fritz Ter Meer.

Out of jail.


Mass murderer.

Anointed chairman of the supervisory board of Bayer.

Chairman. Of the Supervisory Board. Of Bayer.



... “Above all I have learned from the Jesuits. And so did Lenin too, as far as I recall. The world has never known anything quite so splendid as the hierarchical structure of the [Roman] Catholic Church. There were quite a few things I simply appropriated from the Jesuits for the use of the [Nazi] Party.
– Adolph Hitler (1889-1945; Nazi leader and chancellor of Germany from 1933-1945)
((Ed. Comment: What follows is a similar quotation of Hitler taken from Edmond Paris’ book The Vatican Against Europe.))

“I have learnt most of all from the Jesuit Order. So far, there has been nothing more imposing on earth than the hierarchical organization of the Catholic Church. A good part of that organization I have transported direct to my own party. The Catholic Church must be held up as an example. I will tell you a secret. I am founding an order. In Himmler (who would become head of the Nazi party) I see our Ignatius de Loyola (Jesuit founder).”
– Adolph Hitler

... (7) “The [German General Reinhard] Gehlen Org, the German Intelligence Agency run by [Knight of Malta] Reinhard Gehlen, was even more powerful than the Merk net. The Org superseded even the Nazi SS… In fact, Gehlen’s organization is largely credited for giving rise to the CIA…to shield Gehlen and the entire German Intelligence network from harm’s way. Gehlen was a ranking official in the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), which maintained inconceivable financial support and political influence… Somehow I wasn’t surprised to learn that financial motives…were at the heart of the SMOM and the Nazi-American alliance… Soon after the war, OSS [i.e., Office of Strategic Services – the forerunner to the CIA] found the extensive documentation of a meeting…between representatives of the [Nazi] SS…and firms like…I.G. Farben… [The] world’s masses knew nothing about the partnership, formed between John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company, Germany’s I.G. Farben, and Hitler’s Third Reich. The ‘pirates of Wall Street’, Allen and John Foster Dulles, of the law firm Sullivan & Cromwell, had secretly negotiated the alliance. It was not known to allied airmen, flying bombing missions over Germany, why the I.G. Farben plants, where Hitler’s munitions were made, were exempted from attack. Likewise, when the I.G. Farben – Rockefeller Consortium used concentration camp victims as slaves to build and run their factories it never made the news… Nor was it heralded that this same TEAM patented and sold the gas that the Nazis used in the concentration camps to send millions to their graves. Recent headlines have asked to know where the Nazi gold went. Historians only recently recorded that the Rockefeller’s Chase Bank [manned by a high Knight of Malta, Joseph J. Larkin] was among the largest recipients…”
– Dr. Leonard Horowitz, author of the book Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola

“[Wherever] a totalitarian movement erupts, whether Communist or Nazi [Fascist], a Jesuit can be found in the role of ‘adviser’ or leader; in Cuba [it was] [Jesuit-trained] Castro’s ‘Father’ Armando Llorente…”
– Emanuel M. Josephson (American physician and historian) ...



NYC schließt sich an, um Monsantos „giftige“ Pestizide aus Stadtparks zu verbieten 5/5 (1)
Von News-for-Friends - 22. April 2019

Zwei Vertreter des Stadtrats von New York haben Gesetze verabschiedet, die das Sprühen von Herbiziden auf Glyphosatbasis und anderen giftigen Pestiziden in Parks und öffentlichen Räumen verbieten.

Monsantos RoundUp wird häufig in New York eingesetzt, wo es hunderte Male pro Jahr in öffentlichen Grünflächen zur Behandlung von Unkraut und Überwuchs gesprüht wird

Dies ist der jüngste Schritt, da immer mehr Menschen die Zusicherungen von Monsanto und Bayer abgelehnt haben, dass Glyphosat-Herbizide wie Roundup für eine breite Anwendung sicher sind.

RT- Berichte: Die Maßnahme würde die Anwendung synthetischer Pestizide im Umkreis von 75 Fuß um einen natürlichen Wasserkörper verbieten. Dies würde die städtischen Behörden dazu ermutigen, biologische Pestizide zu verwenden, die aus natürlich vorkommenden Substanzen und nicht aus synthetischen Substanzen stammen.

„Parks sollten dafür sein, nicht Pestizide zu spielen“ , sagte ein Mitsponsor der Maßnahme, Ben Kallos, Ratsmitglied von New York City, gegenüber Environmental Health News. „Alle Familien sollten in der Lage sein, unsere Stadtparks zu genießen, ohne befürchten zu müssen, dass sie giftigen Pestiziden ausgesetzt sind, die ihnen und ihren Familien Krebs zufügen könnten.“

... „Wo laufen Sie denn?“ ... „Ja, wo laufen sie denn, wo laufen Sie denn hin? ... Ahh ... hab ich’n Schreck gekriegt! ...

While I was waiting for my car in the maze that is the downtown Financial District, I stopped by Trinity Church Cemetery to admire the blossoming cherry trees. https://www.trinitywallstreet.org/about View more pictures here: http://bit.ly/2DFO40W https://twitter.com/SandraNavidi/status/1122933065934831617

Glyphosat ist das weltweit am häufigsten eingesetzte Herbizid. Es ist der Wirkstoff des agrochemischen Unternehmens Monsanto Roundup, das in den USA ein sehr beliebter Unkrautvernichter ist.

Das Herbizid wird häufig in New York eingesetzt und wird hunderte Male pro Jahr in öffentliche Grünflächen gesprüht,um Unkraut und Überwuchs zu behandeln. Kallos sagte, dass er befürchtet, seine junge Tochter im New Yorker Central Park spielen zu lassen, da die Gefahr einer Schädlingsbekämpfung besteht. Er äußerte die Hoffnung, dass das öffentliche Bewusstsein, ...

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